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Know About the Krishnamurti Padhati Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

When a twin is born, having their meridian in this manner, it may appear funny when one is told that one of the twins would breed cattle while the other destroy them.

Consider well! Or both, the Lagna in the same. The positions of planets etc., do not change in the interval of 5 minutes between the time of birth of one child and the other. But look at the results.

After fixing meridian, consider in which position the significator of profession is. Suppose Sun is in 21degree Aries, then he serves in a place where there is security of services as Sun is to give a steady life; also it indicates maximum labour and minimum wages. He may be a veterinary surgeon. If Moon is in 21degree Aries, then the light of Moon is modified by Mars, Venus and Jupiter. Therefore he may be a captain of a ship, as Moon indicates ocean, Venus the vehicle, Mars, to handle with authority and power, Jupiter to manage and administer, or one who supplies water to animals. If Mercury is in 21degree Aries, the combination is Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter, when he is a building contractor, sanitary engineer or an accountant or clerk in animal husbandry or law-court-selection of any of these depends on the strength of a planet. Thus one is to take into consideration.

(a) Which planet signifies one’s profession;

(b) in which sign, star and sub it is;

(c) with which planet it is conjoined; or

(d) by which planet it is aspected.

Above all, note the Dasa and Bhukti running.

Never miss to find the position of the Dasa lord and Bhukti lord.

A person may be a teacher to start with, during Jupiter Bhukti. Then he may be a legal adviser in a company dealing with labour during Saturn, Mercury and Ketu, sub periods. Later he can be taken as a Public Prosecutor in Venus sub period. Therefore, the sub periods indicate the changes and one should be careful while passing a judgment.

Further one should apply the mind and select the correct profession. As Aries represents the profession of a surgeon, a barber butcher etc. Can any one by merely following the tradition, simply repeat and recite the sloka one should know that a barber removes the hair (indicated by Saturn) bring back beauty (by Venus) using sharp instrument (Mars). A butcher is to kill (Saturn, stronger than Venus) and animal (Venus) using a sharp instrument (Mars). A surgeon uses the sharp instrument, to cut open the body, is expected not to kill the patient, but try to end his troubles and not his life. So a Surgeon should have Sun (for medical-Dhanvantry), and Mars (to use a sharp instrument). Therefore the area of the sub of Sun in Aswini star or Bharani star and Karthik star in Aries indicates surgeons. The sub of Saturn in Aswini or Bharani indicates butcher. The sub of Venus denotes a barber. See, how clear and convincing it is.

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