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Profession (combinations of planets) Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

The nature of profession has to be judged by taking into consideration the strongest significator which promises entry into service or indicate independent business or adding something more to the existing business.

Extensive research has been conducted by the intelligent students of the Modern Astrological Research Institute, Madras and it has been found possible for us to lay down certain grouping or combination of planets to determine one’s profession. The classification is given in brief:

Abrasives (to sharpen stones; grinding wheels etc.): Saturn, Mars, Mercury.

Accounts : Mercury, Jupiter

Accountant in Military, Police Department or Industry : Mars, Mercury, Jupiter.

Accountant in Bank: Jupiter, Mercury

Accountant in Shipping: Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon.

Accountant in Hospital: Jupiter, Mercury, Sun.

Accountant in Navy: Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Mars.

Accountant in Mines: Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn.

Accountant in Research Dept.: Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus.

Accountant in Jail: Jupiter, Mercury, Rahu.

Independent Auditor: Mars very strong.

Acetylene generator: Venus, Mars, Moon.

Acid, Alakali resistant tiles: Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars.

Acid Jars: Venus, Mars, Saturn.

Acid Manufacturer: Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mars

Adding Machine: Jupiter, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars.

Adhesives: Venus, Moon.

Advertising: Jupiter, Mercury.

Agent: Mercury, Jupiter.

Agricultural implement: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn.

Agricultural machinery: Venus, Mercury.

Air compressor: Saturn, Mars.

Air conditioner: Saturn, Mars, Venus.

Aircraft instruments: Saturn, Venus, Mars.

Aluminum: Venus, Mars.

Analytical chemist: Mercury, Venus.

Architects: Mars, Venus, Mercury.

Asbestos: Sun, Moon, Mercury.

Astrology: Mercury, Uranus.

Atomic energy: Mercury, Uranus, Mars.

Auctioneers: Mercury, Jupiter.

Automobile: Venus Mars.

Aviation: Venus, Mercury, Mars.

Ayurvedic medicine: Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Sun.

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