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Insanity – An Astrological Study Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

In fact, this is a case of imagination, running riot with faulty reasoning. Uranus is a planet indicating overstress, eccentricity, perversity, rebellious nature and extreme bohemianism. Here this planet in retrogression opposes the Sun, the significator of character and individuality. This planet Uranus, posited in the 10th house, was responsible for his estrangement from relative (opposed to the 4th, the domestic life). His conjunction with retrograde Mars (long distance journeys. Regarding the opposition aspect between the Moon and Uranus, Raphael says: “this has chief rule over the native in his married life. He is not infrequently led astray after marriage and unless careful, separation follows. He is given to travelling and frequent changes of residences. “This was true in his case. The meaning of such aspects is strengthened by the fact that the opposition occurs in the Navamsa chart also. The situation of Venus and Mercury, lord of the 7th, in a cruel Navamsa (Scorpio, the house of maraca) and in cruel constellations (Mrigsira and Pushya respectively) denied him marital bliss.

Being a humble practitioner in astrology, I volunteered to furnish this chart and discuss its merits in response to the learned editor’s suggestions and I do not want to dwell at greet length upon the subject. In fact, I have judged the nativity according to the Western system. I appeal to the readers to judge the horoscope in a purely Hindu way and ascertain whether there is any cause for insanity in this case. A double still lurks in the darkest corner of my heart that this may perhaps be a straight case of Sanyasa Yoga without mental derangement.

The 4th house rules home life and the Lagna indicates the native’s disposition. The strain of square aspects between Saturn and Venus involving these houses causes alienation from home ties (Samajika karagrahavas), loss of position due to some family strain. Saturn is called aptly sometimes as Vikara soonya, Vriddha, Chanakya (dispassionate senile Chankya) and he is always opposed to Rajasi pleasures afforded by Venus. In this case, perhaps the Venusian emotions were subjected to the ordeal of suffering and dissatisfaction by Saturn, the tension (square aspect) and unique suffering and causes liberation of the soul from the bondage of desire. Examination of the  nativity (Sayana) will reveal some wonderful points. The ponderous planets, Neptune and Jupiter, are powerful, the former in a congenial watery sign and the latter exalted (Vargottama in Nirayana chart). Mars in retrogression is also exalted and invigorated by the occult Uranus’s influence and this conjunction occurs in the 10th Bhava, a prominent angle. The meaning of this configuration is that the desire and ambition for material benefits and worldly attainments are in conflict with the mystical thirst for divine knowledge. The conflict occurs in the cardinal signs between the war god endowed with superior unorthodox mental refinement and the Divine Preceptor equipped with mystical, divine wisdom, while the mediocre mental rulers, Saturn and Venus (lords of the 3rd, the 8th, and the 12th) patiently await the result of the struggle resting in mutable mansions with the ideas of adapting themselves to the tide of the war!

While I am judging the uncommon horoscope, I sympathize with the poor extinct soul, considering the indescribable mental conflict, he might have been subjected to, during the operation of these planetary forces? The Mars-Uranus conjunction in the Dasamsa Bhava drew him towards the occult and the mystical side of things and enabled him to investigate phenomena and psychism. Clairvoyants and seers are found tobe favoured in this aspect with their charts! The adverse effect of this aspect leads to hallucinations and the whole nervous system undergoes extremely high tensions. The close opposition of the occult and the mystic planets, weighted his soul, so to speak, in the balance of fate.

Alan Leo compares the ordeal brought about by this aspect to, “the passage through the underworld” of which we read so often in the ancient myths. It is needless to reiterate who won the struggle. Mars possessed of Digbala and energized by the close association of disruptive, cataclysmic, Uranus both in the Rai, and Amsa charts, won the battle. The allied forces of Uranus brought about the abrupt end of the suspense-laden struggle – the onset of insanity. Saturn and Venus, the mental rulers, who kept an idle watch over the fight, acted in submission to the dictates of the victor and made him a recluse. His cold pessimistic, self-contained nature is better revealed by the position of retrograde Saturn close to the Ascendant in the Amsa chart, in the sign Leo, a warm, cheerful and buoyant sign! I conclude my interpretation with this, in this fervent hope of being enlightened by the more informed readers.

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