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Combinations for Prostitutes and Adultery in Hindu Astrology Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

It is beyond my comprehension to visualize why this topic has been selected for Script Seminar by the Sponsor. However, I am writing this article only to throw some light on the topic and not with a view to participate in the seminar. The editor has rightly said that very little has been written in Hindu manuscripts of astrology on this topic. The reason for such an omission might be that there were very negligible/no instances worth mentioning on prostitution in Treta and Dwapara yugas and the early days of Kali Yuga during which period our ancients had written books on astrology. Commencing with Maharishi Parasara, of late prostitution has become a novelty as part of civilization or for making out a living by the helpless pitiable women in the lower rungs of society. Hindu mythology speaks of adultery here and there. There are several reasons for that, for example let us consider the case of Ahalya in Ramayana. No less than king of Devas is said to have stooped to this heinous level of seducing the wife of a Maharishi and that she knowingly and willingly committed the sin as evidenced by Valmiki Ramayana. Her husband Gowthoma cursed Indra and as a result of which he lost both his testicles. On return to his place Indra tells Devatas and Rishis that he resorted to such an action for “fulfillment of Deva Karma”. This was agreed to by all in an unanimous manner as a just reason and they replaced his testicles by that of a goat. There is much to be said in the matter. But for the purpose of this article I have mentioned a case as an example.

It is our common experience that no woman visits an astrologer to confess her sins. It is as well impossible for an astrologer to put questions doubting her chastity. As such collection of relevant planetary positions that lead to prostitution and adultery are practically impossible.

According to Oxford Dictionary, Adultery means “voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person with a person to whom he or she is not married.”

Prostitute means “one who offers himself/herself for sexual intercourse for payment.”

Sexual intercourse with an unmarried person is not adultery. No married woman/man will come forward to admit the illegal intimacy with another person. Prostitutes are in thousands all over the world and no astrologer, I presume is interested to approach them and collect their date of birth, place and time. This serves no purpose and it is not only wasting the precious time but also lowering ones dignity/self respect. It is easy for medical people to know the sinner but they are not interested to furnish necessary data for an astrologer to study. Sexual intercourse is there for various reasons right from the upper class to the lower class. But prostitution is clear where money is the important factor. Normally there is no question of a prostitute being loyal to one. But cases are there where they are loyal, even while committing prostitution with others. Such cases can be found among Devadasis of yester years.

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