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Deciding the Nature of Profession Part 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 5

The Ascendant indicates success in efforts, leaving one job and entering another while the 12th house show spending money in possession and change of place. The second house indicates income, self-earning, and bank position. The third house denotes change of place. Lords of houses 3 and 12 shows changes. Planets connected with the 12th house bring about change in the routine life. If the native is idle at home, he gets into service if it is in any manner connected with houses 2, 6, 10. Mercury, lord of 3 and 12 to the Cancerian in the constellation of Saturn, who is in the constellation of Jupiter, lord of 6, will indicate starting a new cycle of life and getting employed. Houses 6 and 10 indicate service; houses 2 and 6 indicate receipt of money; houses 2, 6, 11 indicate increase in income. The 5th being the 12th house to the 6th and the 9th house which is the 12th to the 10th indicate leave, no service of leaving the present job.

People enter into service in a department and serve there till retirement, if the Dasa that runs and follows are connected in any manner, especially if the lords of the constellation are conjoined to mutually aspecting. Those who live on inherited property will also have the various Dasa lords who operate in his life time in any manner connected with the previous Dasanatha. Those who have income from investment as also salary in service will have the lord of the Dasa or the Bhukti, if the income is for a few years only, in a common sign or it may be Mercury (Mercury and common signs indicate plurality).
In two planets A and B give a particular result in their periods, the planets in 6, 8 or 12 to A and B will give diametrically opposite results if C is also in evil aspect to A and B, if he enters a job in the conjoint period of a and B, if C is in 6, 8 or 12 to A and B and is in evil a aspect, he will leave the job.

You can look for improvement and satisfactory progress in the period of the planet which is the chief governor (Karak) indicating profession. A person serving in a bank can expect good relationship with officials, popularity and promotion in the period and sub period of Jupiter. Just because a person is employed in a bank and he is running Jupiter Dasa or Bhukti, it does not mean he will have progress and promotion. Jupiter should be a significator of houses 2, 6, 10 or 11 be in good sub. The same is the case with regard to other planets also. Those in Police or Military can look for advancement in the periods of Mars. Engineers and those in the Communication Department can have greater prosperity in the periods of Mercury, Saturn gives a position of trust. Even though he is a significator of 2, 6 or 10 or 11, the progress during his Dasa or Bhukti will be slow and steady. Though the native had made much progress, he will feel dissatisfied, as it is the nature of Saturn, whereas Mars will make quick advancement.

If Mercury gives promotion, mostly the higher official will be transferred and the vacancy will be filled by the native; If Saturn has to promote the native, his senior will mostly pass away and the native will be promoted to that position. If Jupiter offers promotion in his period, as Jupiter is the Karak for expansion, he may be lifted by creating a post and in the chain of promotions, he will also have his promotion. In this way, one has to judge.

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