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Scholarship for Study Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Please explain astrologically how to find out, whether I will get scholarship at school for any studies or not. The fourth house indicates whether one will study at all. The ascendant or the Lagna denotes the person. The seventh house represents the school where he may study. The ninth house shows the teacher. The houses 8 and 12 connected with the 4th house and vice versa indicate that one will pay the fees, etc., and study. But the 4th house having connection with the 6th and the 11th houses indicate scholarship.

The 7th house will indicate the person to whom or the Institution to which you have to pay or the person from whom or the Institution from which you have to receive.

Scholarship is a non-repayable loan. Generally the 6th house is judged for a loan. Why “As the seventh house represents one who lends money to you, the vyaya house, the 12th to the 7th shows that he has to lose or he has to withdraw that amount which he gives as loan and there will be a deterioration in his bank position to that extent to which he issues the cheque. But it is an income to the native. His bank position or the money on hand increases by that amount which he takes as a loan.

Similarly, the Institution is entitled to take money from the students. But if one is given a scholarship, it means the Institution loses through that student and pays the fees for him. Rather, the Institution gives that amount to the student as a loan which need not be returned at all.

Hence the 4th house should be connected with the 6th house, i.e. the planet in 4 may be in the constellation of the occupant in the 6th house or the lord of the sixth house.

11th house indicates benefit, profit, gains, etc. Since scholarship is a non-refundable one, it is a profit and the house of education will have connection with the 11th house.

8th house occupied by benefics indicates that the native will pay and study as the benefic is in the second house to the seventh.

12th house shows expenses. So the native is to spend and study. If the 4th house, Jupiter and Mercury are connected with Jupiter (by constellation) he pays the fees and studies. But if the 12th house is connected with Venus or the lord of 3, he pays, for his conveyance, though  he may enjoy scholarship. If the 12th house is connected with Mars and 3rd house, he may shift to a hostel, pay for boarding and lodging but will receive scholarship.

Let us take the horoscope of a native who is given scholarship and who is now studying in America.

The person was born on a Tuesday ruled by Mars in Scorpio ascendant, ruled by Mars, in Aries Rasi – where Moon was at the time of birth – owned by Mars on 28th March 1933 at 10-20 P.M. the following is the chart:

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