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Deciding the Nature of Profession Part 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 4

If the Sun is the significator of the ninth house, a businessman will have connection with foreigners and will make long journeys, import-export, foreign trade and branches abroad are advantageous, university is the best place of service or religious places; he will have taste for handicrafts and science.
If the sub lord of the 10th cusp Sun is the significator of the 10th house, can manage and execute anything, can plan and put through schemes of great magnitude (signified by the Sun). In government, he can have legitimate improvement in status and his claims will never be ignored, will reach the top rank of his entitlement. If the native is a politician, he will command and respect of others. In theatrical field, there will be success with good gains.

If the sun is the significator of the 11th house, he will be a successful politician, or businessman, can serve in clubs or societies, or restaurants, can be a legislator or sportsman.

If Sun is the significator of the 12th house, he will work in unfrequented places, can do the job successfully by avoiding the company of others, service in jails, hospitals, or asylums. If he is in the army, he will remain in the background and will direct those in the war-front. If he enters speculation, it will ruin him. He can engage himself in secret activities. Thus it should be learnt how the indications of the sub-lord of the 10th cusp get changed according to the house it signifies.

When considering the nature of job, the Dasa and the Bhukti in operation at the probable time of entry into a job are also to be taken into account. If the Dasa or the Bhukti lord is not a significator for a particular profession, he will not enter that job in that particular Dasa or Bhukti. To start with, the native may take up a particular job and change according to the Bhuktis, especially if the Bhukti lord is a significator of houses 3, 9 or 12. The significator of the 3rd house indicates change in the present place of residence while the 12th denotes change in the nature of work.

The nature of profession can also be determined by taking into consideration, the strongest significators of houses 2, 6, 10, which promise entry into a profession. If there is difficulty in finding out the strong significators for determining the profession, note the Ruling Planets at the moment of judgment. The Ruling Planets are the lord of the week-day, the lord of the Moon sign, the lord of the lagna star.

For example, a gentleman called on me on 27th August, 1983, which was a Saturday, at 9-46 a.m. He produced the Rasi Chakra only and wanted to know when he would be promoted. It will be impossible to say anything from the Rasi Chakra and told him that the horoscope has to be recast according to my requirements. He agreed but in the mean while he wanted me to tell him the nature of the job he was doing. This is also one of impossibilities with the chart on hand. At that time the day was ruled by Saturn, Moon was in Revathi (Jupiter sign Mercury star) and the lagna was in Libra Mars star. The Ruling planets were Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mars.

Mercury and Mars indicated mechanical engineering. As Venus was also a Ruling Plant, it shows a vehicle; Saturn indicates mining or renovation (repairs); Jupiter, indicates some big organization or shop. Hence he was informed (1) he should be in a vehicles repairs factory, or a typist or stenographer in a Sanitary engineering company. He said he was a typist (Mars-Mercury) in a tractor repairs factory (Mars-Mercury-Venus-Saturn). The important factor is that these should strike us when taking the matter on hand. Therefore, the Karakatwa of the planets are very important, as also the significators of the houses.

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