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Deciding the Nature of Profession Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

If Sun and Mercury either of them is the constellation lord and the other is the sub lord where the sub-lord of the MC was (Mercury indicates communication, Posts and Telegraphs etc.), postal, communication, telegraphs dept.; if Jupiter is connected (Jupiter is for publicity, journalism; if Venus is also connected (Venus is for music) Radio, mechanical engineering works and Housing.

If the star lord is Sun and the other is Jupiter, education department or even military school, law department, judge, religious endowment, finance department, nationalized bank or Reserve Bank.

If Sun or Venus is the constellation or the sub lord where the sub lord of the 10th cusp was at birth it indicates transport, air force, music, medicine, chemicals, veterinary department etc. If Saturn is connected with them leather industry or birth control (Saturn is for restriction), if Jupiter is connected, animal husbandry; Saturn alone means slaughter house, lethal chamber or burial ground.

If the sub lord of the 10th cusp is in the constellation of Sun or Saturn and one of them is the sub lord, coal mining ores, jailors, grave diggers, watchmen.

If Aries is the 10th cusp and the sub lord of the 10th cusp Sun is a significator of the Ascendant he will gain by his own efforts and personal contacts; if he is an advocate, he should conduct the case himself and should not leave it to his juniors; if he is a surgeon, he should attend on the patients himself. Since Aries indicates the head, as a doctor, he will be good in treating cerebral cases.

If Sun in the above circumstances is the significator of the 3rd house, he can be a good journalist, editor and publisher of books or serve in transport or postal and telegraphs department, or department of communication. He will be a good salesman or clearing agent. He can rise to a good position in a university with the goodwill or his seniors and neighbors will contribute for his success. As a lawyer, he can draft intelligently contracts, agreements, notices. If the native is a liar, he will be clever in preparing false reports on writing anonymous letters, he can be a camp clerk or tourist guide. It will be seen that all these are significators of the Sun and the third house.

If Sun is the significator of the fourth house, he would like to have his office and residence in the same building, can own or manage boarding and lodging houses, be an expert in interior decoration, broker for buildings, or estates, cars etc., can invest on constructing living quarters instead of office buildings, can deal in real estate.

If the Sun is the significator the 5th house, he can work in stock exchange, in cinema theatres, or any place of amusement (all indicated by the fifth house). As a doctor, he can specialize in Pediatrics; as a manufacturer, he can produce things or toys for children; if he is an author, he can publish books for children, he can teach children instead of adults. If Sun is strong, he can become a cinema actor.

If Sun is the significator of the sixth house, he will do in labour or public health department. The 6th house gives the desire to serve all, especially those who are physically suffering or from mental torture. In a bank, he prefers deposits department (the 7th house indicates the public and the 6th house is the 12th, vyaya Bhava to the 7th).

If Sun is the significator of the 7th house, he can be a public relation officer, mediate between two enemies, or be an arbitrator, he can be a marriage broker; if he is an advocate, can appear in divorce cases or sex crimes; as a doctor, he can gain through the other sex.

If Sun is the sub lord of the 10th cusp and is in the constellation of a planet occupying the 8th house, gain by partnership, steady fortune after marriage, can do business by using others money, or deal with public funds (second to the 7th house) pension papers, gratuity etc. If the native is an advocate, he can deal with estates and wills indicated by the 8th house. If the native is in government service, finance and revenue departments will be beneficial. He can practice income tax law independently (Sun gives independence and does not wish to be under the command of somebody else) or be an adviser; he can deal with the money of the deceased. Speculation will end in loss because 8th house is the second to the 7th house. But if Sun is the significator of the 6th house, speculation will be successful, depending on Dasa Bhukti running.

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