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Deciding the Nature of Profession Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Consider in which position the significators of profession are The second house indicates self-earning, the 6th house indicates service and regular attendance, the 10th house indicates the profession. The significators are:

a) The planets in the constellation of the occupants of houses 2, 6, 10;

b) The planets occupying the houses 2, 6, 10, provided there are no planets in their constellations;

c) The planets in the constellations of the lord of houses 2, 6, 10;

d) The lords of houses 2, 6, 10, when there are no planets in their stars and/or when the houses (not signs) owned by them are unoccupied:

e) Planets which are conjoined with or aspected by the above significators. The strongest is (a) while the weakest is (d).

If the Sun is at 21degree Aries, the native serves in a place where there is security of service, he will have a steady life, the remuneration may be less but the work expected of him may be more. If the Moon is at such a position, the Moon is modified by Mars, Venus and Jupiter. Moon indicates water or ocean, Venus indicates vehicle, Mars is for power and authority, and Jupiter is to manage or administrative ability. Hence he will be the captain of a ocean-going vessel (ship). If Mercury is at the above position, the combination is Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter. Mercury indicates agents and contractors, Mars is for building, Jupiter is to manage. So he will be a building contractor. Or Venus denotes sanitation, Mars & Mercury indicates engineering, hence a sanitary engineer. Mars-Venus-Jupiter indicates animal husbandry and Mercury indicates accounts. Hence accountant in animal husbandry or court of law (Jupiter. Selection of any of these depends on the planets. The sub periods in a Dasa indicate changes and hence care must be exercised in passing a judgment.

Jupiter and Mercury indicate the ability to deal with numbers or figures. The association of Venus (vessel) and Moon (water or ocean) gives the native a job in the shipping department as accountant; if the Sun is associated with Jupiter and Mercury (Sun is for medicine) he is an accountant in the medical department. If Mars (arms and ammunition, military) is associated with Jupiter and Mercury, along with the Moon (water)  he is an accountant in the naval department. If Saturn (mines) is associated with Jupiter and Mercury, he will be the accountant in the mining department. If Uranus is associated with Jupiter and Mercury (Uranus is for research) he will be the accountant in a research department. Rahu is for jails, if Rahu is associated with Jupiter and Mercury, he will maintain accounts in a jail.

Venus indicates dress, Mars and Mercury indicate machine, Sun indicates government. So, the combination Sun-Mercury-Mars-Venus indicates supplying dress to the police or military. If Mars, Venus and Saturn are the significators of 2, 6, 10 and any of them is connected to the 12th house (12th house indicates feet, Saturn, Mars and Venus indicate skins) he supplies shoes; if any of them is connected to the third house (3rd house denotes pocket or bag) he will be a supplier of bags; if any of them is connected to the 7th house (7th house denotes the waist), he will be the supplier of belts; those who supply caps will have the significators including Mars owning the Ascendant since Ascendant signifies the head.

Aries is owned by Mars (sign lord). If either the constellation lord/ and or the sub lord of the cusp of the Meridian is in the constellation and sub of Sun, it shows government service, defense department, or surgical department (Mars and Sun). If either the Sun or the Moon is the constellation lord and the other is the sub lord, navy, boiler, steam engine, nurse in a surgical ward. If the Sun or Mars is the sub-lord and other then the constellation lord where the sub lord of MC was, he will serve in the war front during war (military); if Sun and Mars are connected with Jupiter (Jupiter is to protect, law) law and order in police department; if Sun and Mars are connected with Venus (Venus indicates vehicles) traffic police.

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