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Deciding the Nature of Profession Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Astrology is an ancient science and the Sutras were composed by our sages centuries ago. In those days, people were not following as many and varied professions as we do today. Some sages advocated consider in the 10th house mainly, its lord, the planets therein and the aspects received by them. Yet others were of the view that the 10th house from Janmalagna, Chandra lagna, and the Sun should be taken into consideration, the strongest of them be noted and the lord of the Navamsa of such a strong planet would indicate the profession that the  native would follow.

When we consider the horoscopes of two individuals who are born in the same latitude, longitude, on the same date and in the same lagna, but born within a few minutes of each other, we find that they are not engaged in the same profession, but are exercising different professions, notwithstanding the fact that the tenth house is the same in both the cases and that there is no perceptible change in the Moon sign or the Sun sign or the Navamsa. Under the circumstances, don’t you think that there is some other vital factor which plays a decisive role in coming to a conclusion regarding the nature of profession one would follow? Such intricacies can be well understood through the Scientific System of Stellar Astrology. This system is also the product of our sages and there is nothing new or repugnant to our Jyotis Sastra, except that it has been developed and perfected to a good extent in this 20th century. The principles of this system are enshrined in Vasishta-Viswamitra Samvadam, which is said to be a Naadi Grantha. But all the same, it is strange and regrettable that some lay people and even astrologers have developed an uncalled for aversion to Stellar Astrology. Be that as it may.

According to the Stellar System of Astrology, the zodiac is divided into 27 zones which are the Constellations (Nakshatras) and the Constellations are further divided into nine Sub-divisions (Subs). The cusp (beginning point of the Bhava) will be in a sign, a constellation and a sub. So also, each planet will be in a sign, star and sub. Cast the horoscope astronomically accurately using modern ephemeris and the Tables of Houses. Following Equal House Division method will not give the accuracy required. Note the exact position of the Medium Coeli (Meridian) which is more familiarly known as MC. Note what each sign and planet indicates and combine both.

For example, Aries indicates military, defense, police, surgeon, butcher barber etc.

Venus indicates music, art, paint, poet, actor, scent, milk, jewels etc.

Sun indicates government, security of service, copper, gold, medicine, chemicals, red or orange articles.

Jupiter denotes administration, law, religion, finance, education, politician, physician judge etc.

Saturn denotes mines, coal, cremation, watchman, burial ground digger etc.

If the Meridian is between 20degree6’40” and 21degree53’20” in Aries, the sign is ruled by Mars, the star by Venus and the sub by Jupiter. Mars-Venus indicates animals and union, Jupiter denotes progeny or a physician. So the native will be in the animal husbandry or be a Veterinary Doctor. Mars is for power and authority, Venus is to weigh the merits and demerits, assessment and judgment, Jupiter indicates law, So he will be a judge.

If the MC is at 22degree Aries, Mars is the lord of the sign, Venus is the lord of the constellation and Saturn is the sub-lord. Mars and Venus indicates union and animals, Saturn indicates death. So he will be in a slaughter house. Mars indicates an industry, Venus is beauty, Saturn indicates the dead, hence the native will be a dealer in hides and skins. A barber removes hair indicated by Saturn, to bring back beauty shown by Venus, using a sharp knife denoted by Mars, so he will be a barber. If Saturn is stronger than Venus, he is simply a hair cutter. But if Venus is stronger, he is a beautician or a hair stylist. A surgeon cuts open the body to end suffering or ailment of the patient and he is not expected to kill. The sub of Sun in Aswini, Bharani or Kruthika indicates a surgeon, as Mars indicates a sharp instrument and Sun indicates medicine and Dhanvantary. Similarly, the sub of Saturn in Aswini, Bharani or Kruthika indicates a butcher.

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