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About the Spiritualism Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

At the threshold of twentieth century most of the Indians are plunging their lives for the sake of having conception of the supreme soul, Brahman or God, That there is an infinite being above this cosmos or universe is realised by the people. It is believed that God has created this world according to his discretion. People enjoys the worldly things due to Maya. Whenever an analysis is made for an individual, it is observed that a the eleventh hour of daily life, man performs the religious activities. That is during old age human being becomes religious minded.

Philosophical conception will reveal the fact that the existence of God is realized by the rationalistic school of philosophy and denied by the imperial school of philosophy. Notable rationalistic philosophers are Descrates, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Shankara and Ramanuja, whereas eminent empiricstic philosophers are Bacon, Berkeley, Hume, Kant & Hegel etc. Rationalists are the opinion that the God exists in the thinking world. That is by means of thinking, a man can realize the existence of God. Reason is the important point in this matter. On the other hand, imperial philosophers are of the view that as no one can see the God in this world the existence can not be recognized. Inducing Indian philosophical thinker, Shankara is of the view that Brahman or God is the infinite, supreme and transcendental lord who is the creator of this world. Ramanuja pointed out that we have to admit the existence of God and the world. His conception is similar with western philosophical thinkers, Descartes. Shankara’s view tallies with spinoza’s monism.

In the practical life, it is observed that when man does not get any help by means of treatment practically, comes to the temple or religious places to have blessings of the God. In the Rasi Chart, ninth house is dealt with the idea of religion/fate etc. From the lagna or ascendant in a natal chart, fifth house is concerned within the human mind. In predictive astrology, it is noticed that lord of ninth house, planet posited in ninth house and the sub-sub/sub lord of the ninth house are the indicators whether the man/woman will be religious minded or not. Pilgrimage is analysed from the twelfth house of the chart.

Religious inclination will be assessed on seeing the religious planet, devaguru, Jupiter or Saturn (pravajya karaka) either in fifth or in ninth house. That is trine aspect of the planet is to be analysed. An observation reveals the basic fact that most of the youngsters had no intention or realization about faith in God. Nastikabhava predominates their mind. That there is an occult power is to be admitted by everybody. Cosmic power is such a power which can be inherited by the human beings. The word cosmic is derived from the Latin word “cosmos” which etymologically means the universe or world. So cosmic power which is related to the universe. It may be pointed out that if this power can not be obtain by human being, then who will have it? It is clearly enunciated both in Indian & Western philosophy that there is the supreme being who is having the cosmic power.

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