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About the Spiritualism Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

In Western philosophy whereas Descartes was of the opinion that at the time of birth there is an innate idea in the mind of the native the child will grow up he will be able to realize by means of intuition, intellect, reason etc. On the other hand, empirical philosopher Bacon criticized this conception of Rational thinker, Descartes had pointed out that just after birth human mind is like a blank table, (tabula rasi). He thinks that while the child will grow, he will be able to look into the world what are the things perceived. In this way, conception of any subject will be revealed in his mind. The renowned philosophical thinker and disciple of Parampurusa Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda said that “Education is the manifestation of the perfection which is already in man.” That means man possesses some power in his mind, which gradually develops to fulfill the nature of human beings.

In Indian philosophy, Nyaya, vaisesika, sankhya-yoga, purvamimas-attarmimamsa, jaina-Budha and Vedanta are the exponents of the God and the world. Different systems of the schools of philosophy appended multifarious conception about the super nature. An overall analysis about their conception will show that there must be a goal or ultimate aim or and to achieve the conception about the supreme being. Liberation or moksa or mukti is the ultimate goal of human being. Before reaching to this goal human beings will have to control five elements, i.e. Kam, Krodha, Love, Moha, and Matsarya. One Sankhya-yoga philosophy performance of Yoga padhatis is essential. Barring carvaka school or thought Indian philosophy is pessimistic. That is pessimistic sufferings is essential which is predominated in human life. Most of the thinkers are of the view that due to prabajyakaraka planet, Saturn and debguru, Jupiter, inclination towards supreme lord and pessimism are prevailed on Indian people. Man will reach in such a stage while he will think of the transcendental lord after leaving the wrongful activities in the daily life only to get mental peace by means of thinking about God. Generally human beings consider to come into close contact with the religious minded persons, viz. sages, monks, Godman, philosophers, Tantrik, Worshippers etc. Only to maintain the residue parts of life in peaceful atmosphere. Even big decoits or anti-social people changed their mode of lives by means of leaving bad activities. Ratnakara became Maharshi Balmiki who had been a renowned and terror in decoity, who realized that this person can become a figure by means of writing the “Ramayana”? Generally, most of the people are Nastika to believe on God. When they will be in trouble, their mind will be so weak that they will be compelled to think of God for relief from mental tension and by means of attending devalaya for religious performance.

Lord of 5th and 9th are the Chief indicators of aversion to religion. Meanwhile sub-sub point calculation alongwith cuspal lord of 9th and 5th are to be analysed for correct assessment. Jupiter being sattvaguna insists the native to perform religious affair by means of aristocratic means and enjoyment etc. whereas Saturn, being nastikaguna helps the native to perform the lives by means of tyaga. On the other hand, moon’s location is to be noticed for having an idea of the mental condition.

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