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Thoughts on Political Astrology Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Sun:- Politically Sun denotes administrators, kings, dictators, royal leaders, heads of departments and people in authority and power.

Government Loans, Gold bonds, Gilt edged Securities, Gold its price and control, Research Bank, Stock Exchange Government, Chambers of Commerce.

Moon:- The condition of the mass of the people the ladies and their societies, social functions marriage, navigation, shipping, River projects. Dam constructors,  bridges, swimming Pool, agriculture, horticulture, regulations for expansion improvements and uplift.

Improvements of shipping yards, ports increased shipping facilities, fisheries, industry, catering departments, breweries, drinks, dance music, cinema, trade, commerce, food materials, laundries, water supply, dairy farms, milk supply.

Mars:- Signifies for Difference of opinion disputes, difficulties, misunderstandings and quarrels among leaders. Presentation for war and fight in battle field, restlessness in the states, revolution, violence, murder, rape, loot bloodshed or son kidnapping etc. Cordite factory, manufacture of arms and ammunition, bombs, fireworks, tanks weapons, acids etc. Reorganisation or expansion of industry, factory etc. producing chemicals, fertilizers, tractors, jeeps, arms and the distinctive and death inflicting weapons, nationalization of such industries, drastic laws and reforms, Martial law and Ordinance, expropriation at Foreign Capital, Expansion of agriculture, reclamation of waste lands, marshy lands etc. Controls of the produce governed by Mars. Restriction on there movement, sales etc.

Economic Signification when Mars forms good aspect there will be great activity and new venture will be undertaken. In the market there will be brisk buying and selling. New companies will be floated. Good aspects at the time of registration of the company will show that it will be sound and profitable. Bad aspects forewarn that relationship among the directors will not be cordial. There will be misunderstandings and difficulties Manufacture of motors, engines, spare parts of machine tools etc. and export and import of these are ruled by Mars. As it is called “Bhumi Karak” and it is also fiery planet manufacture of bricks, constructions of buildings, quarters for officials and servants are ruled by Mars. Being an impulsive and rash planet, the prices of the shares will suddenly have a sharp rise or if Mars is affected by Saturn, Uranus, Neptune etc. precipices fall.

There will be strikes by Kisans, Technicians, Mechanics and Subordinates and in consequence agriculture and industry will be affected Jupiter and Venus affecting Mars threaten the cultivators with loss and disappointment as agriculture produce will be affected by locusts, pests, rats etc. There will be increase in the tax to launch  new projects, or due to war preparations and stockpiling. Purchase of fire engines, Expansion of Fire Extinguishing Department, Expansion of Vigilance: A.R.P. etc. also are governed by Mars.

Mercury:- Mercury is the planet of Mentality. It is said that just like messenger who has to carry out the orders of others and act on their behalf. So also Mercury will not act independently but express the nature in accordance with the  nature of the planet with which he is conjoined or from which he receives aspect. He is called convertible because he will prove to be a benefic to those in which horoscope Mercury is conjoined with or aspected by benefics. Whereas he becomes malefic if he is connected with evil planets in any way. His friends are Saturn and Venus and enemies are Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

Jupiter:- In political astrology Jupiter signifies for huge products, involving heavy expenditure, will be undertaken both by big business magnates and by the Government. Construction of Schools, College Universities, charitable institutions, hospital, asylums, Sanatorium, isolation hospitals, charitable institutions, hospital, asylums, Sanatorium, isolation hospitals, ferry, shipping quarters for servants, bank buildings renovation of churches, mosques, temples law courts etc. will be done on a large scale.

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  2. Vashikaran Specialist in Kuwait This blog is really nice. Thank you for sharing your blog ... Good Luck! Keep it up.

  3. Vashikaran Specialist in Kuwait This blog is really nice. Thank you for sharing your blog ... Good Luck! Keep it up.


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