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Thoughts on Political Astrology Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

The twelve Houses and their Significations:

In the Political Astrology ascendant signifies for the country, peoples, general state of the locality or the state for which the horoscope is casted.
Second house signifies for nation’s wealth, banking activities and all matters concerning revenue minerals.

Third house signifies for neighboring countries and treaties with them. It also rules with transportation, whether it be aerial transport, rail, postal and telegraph, radio or telephone road transport also. This also represents libraries and public education generally.

Fourth house signifies for mines gardens public buildings, crops, agriculture and determination of any undertaking.

Fifth house signifies for envoys, ambassadors, banquets etc.

Seventh house signifies for matters pertaining to international relationship and arbitrations war and foreign affairs, international trades, general condition of women and laws relating to Marriage and divorce. Public reaction to national policies, public meetings etc. Westerners call this house of open warfare and enmity as well as of Treaties and alliances.

Eighth House signifies for public mortality, the death rate, suicide, serious accidents, infection, flood, fire, famine disease, earth quake, national calamity or grief, financial relations with foreign countries the nations exports and imports, debts due from foreign countries, surrender or loss of territory to another country, public loans, debts and interest rates deficit budget estate duties and public sales.

Ninth house relates to all forms of long distance travel and communication such as sea voyage and all kinds of shipping long distance Air and Land travels also for legal departments, judges, matters relating to religion, temples churches etc. religious and philosophical thoughts of nation, science, text book publishing, universities and those connected with the emigration and immigration, import and export of the nation, national trade and commerce short wave radios and long distance communications cables and wireless.

The Tenth house deals with the Government in general sense its affairs and its Chief Executive. It signifies the head of the state, weather monarch or President. Also royalty and party in the office the national leaders the upper state of society and those in authority, eminent and distinguished persons and aristocracy. It governs national trade the nations honour, integrity, credit, power and status amongst the community of national. This house provides clue to guess the political situation prevailing in the country at any time.

In political astrology Eleventh house signifies for parliament or equivalent legislative branches in other governments. It rules in Lok Sabha, the lower house of State Assemblies, Corporations, Municipal Bodies, District Boards Panchayats and similar legislative bodies. It also bears relation to the parties, legislations government policies and planning. It is related to international friendships and exchange of amenities among nations. It deals with all companies, stores, governing bodies, associations, societies etc. and all institutions where group interest is involved. It represents the wealth and money or `exchequer’ or the Government and friends and allies of the nation.

In this astrology Twelfth house deals with all philanthropic, charitable or reformative institutions, jails asylum or homes for affected and hospitals. It refers to crime in general, criminals, spies, underground movement and secret enemies of the nation at house or abroad. Secret and Occult societies are governed by this house. It also concerns monasteries and other forms of institutional religion.

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