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Thoughts on Political Astrology Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

Its Economical signification is for Free Trade without control large yield. Mass production easy flow of money larger receipts and deposits in Reserve Bank. Advantages through foreign nations, their aid benefit by foreign exchange etc. As a result activity in stock exchange will be above normal. Values of shares will steadily rise. New companies will come into operation divides will be satisfactory and Bonus share will be issued. Government will gain much through Income Tax and other indirect taxation also.

Venus:- Venus signifies for cease fire, peace, prosperity in the country. No more necessity for control or permits but opportunity for free trade. Laws favourable for transport, Railways, shipping etc., for cine people musicians and ladies, expansion programme and export facility for silk, textile, rayon, toilets, perfumeries, mica chemicals, cinema films women’s welfare etc.

For Economical signifies for satisfactory dividends good relationship among partners and shareholders, issue of bonus shares, improvement of the industry and much prosperity. Rise in the pieces of shares. Floatation of New companies dealing in any of the products governed by Venus such as finished goods of the textiles silk and rayon products. Silver copper glass mica, toilets perfumery, fancy goods, Photographs film hosiery for ladies, confectionery sandalwood oil, fruits, flowers sugar chemicals rubbers, cars, ship, musical instruments, radios, paints, petrol, cotton, pomegranate, gooseberry, condiments, Asoka tree, cherry, white poppy, chestnut, fig, apple and all juicy and tasty fruits, rubber tobacco etc.

Saturn:- In Political Astrology Saturn signifies for construction of huge buildings. Mostly for scientific researches, law concerning labour problem. Disagreement and difference of opinion among members of parliament. Death or overthrow of one is power, danger to the prestige of the nation, prohibition, control, rationing, emergency powers (not misusing independence) Famine, earthquake-unnecessary and unavoidable westage of public money such unsuccessful attempts as are made by Research Departments Geological Survey.

Economic signification is for Heavy Taxation, discouraging private sector, de-create in export. Difficulty in Foreign Exchange labour problem-sit in strike mediator not satisfying other, famine, floods, earthquakes many rendered homeless nationalization, acquisition of property, estate, mines from private owners and taking away their business, wars, difficulty in Transport, loss of materials, men, vehicles, conveyance, arms and ammunition, scarcity of all commodities like lead Antimony (with Sun); Kerosene with Moon and Venus), Petrol (with Moon Venus Mars) Petroleum products (with Moon and Mars); coal with Mars) Mines, Mine ores: Hume Pipes (with Mars and Mercury); cement (with Mars and Venus) leather, hides skin (with Mars and Sun) Metallurgy (with Venus) wood etc.

Rahu and Ketu: Rahu and Ketu are to be taken as agents of the lord of the sign, lord of the star and lord of sub. They are capable of producing results changed by the combination of the planets owning sign, star and sub.

Rahu or Ketu will prove to be a benefic if they are conjoined with or aspected by the lords of the benefic houses: as the Krishnamurti Paddhati if they occupy the constellation and sub of the planets owning favourable houses.

Rahu, Ketu are considered stronger than the planets conjoined with them or the lord of the sign in which either of them posited.

Rahu and Ketu be in a sign they will give results of not only the matters signified by that house and sign but also the matters indicated by other sign ruled by the same lord.

Uranus: Uranus signifies in Political Astrology for construction and installation of the scientific institutes (modern sciences) Expansion of such departments and increasing the number of the posts: research in modern branches of sciences and also ancient sciences, revolution and reformation, expansion of the communication departments and also transport, sanction of loan to municipalities and local boards, sudden improvement in any department or opening new ones creating new posts or economic signification. Whenever there is good aspect to Uranus sudden boom in market especially for electric corporations, cables, explosives, telephones etc. The prices of shares will shoot up. Strikes will be called off. The revolution will kept under control and is adversely aspected all above matters will be spoiled out.

Its products are Radius, electric goods, wireless, alloys, metals amalgam, hessian, electron, astronomical instruments.

Neptune: Signifies for aviation, navigation, port trust, customs, excise, fisheries, liquor, narcotic drugs, hospitals prisons, asylums, secret organizations, refugee camps, famine centers, communism.
Its products are tea, nuxvomica, narcotic drugs, oils, petrol, chloroform, opium, ether, cocaine sleeping agents, rayon, art silk nylon, geranium strontium etc.

No doubt this compilation has become much lengthy but with hope of making political astrology handy this is done.

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