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Planets and Political Power Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

The native of Chart No. 5 has an interesting array of planetary dispositions from the 7th house to the 11th house-all in Dwirdwadasa but the lord of the 10th, Mercury, in the 8th with exalted Sun, Lord of the 9th, strongly placed in his own house, and lord of the 5th, Saturn, the planet of democracy, occupying the 10th. The Ascendant is rendered strong by the aspect of Jupiter, while the house of fortune is rendered strong by the situation there of its own loard.

The 10th house is occupied by Saturn in the constellation of Rahu and has thus become somewhat shaky. It was during Saturn’s Dasa that the native got high political power, lost it and again secured it. It is likely that the native’s political career may be in jeopardy before the end of Saturn’s major period. The Dasamsa chart shows Saturn in the Ascendant capable of giving political power and Jupiter in the 8th in conjunction with Kethu. By the end of Rahu’s sub-period, the person may have to face embarrassing and violent political situations especially that the Dasamsa shows Rahu in the 2nd aspected by Mars.

No dictator in his country wielding absolute power, has ever cared a jot for the pawns of his country. For a dictator, absolute power is the only criterion. But the native of Chart No. 6, who played a vital role in the victory of the Allies during the Second World War, is, perhaps, an exception. Rahu Dasa was the most significant in his life. Rahu is in the 8th house receiving the aspect of lords of Lagna, the 9th and the 11th, viz., Venus, Mercury and the Sun respectively. Rahu,, it will be seen, is in the asterism of Mars and exalted Mars aspects the 10th house. Jupiter has secured Neechabhanga. This Mars-Jupiter conjunction made him force his grandiose plans in utter contempt of contemporary leaders or of the effect upon public opinion. This combination is also the source of formidable courage. The native, in restoring his country back to order and prestige, showed daring prowess. Rahu, while giving during his Dasa the results of Venus as well as Mars, viz., popularity and Raja Yoga, also conferred on the native a certain egoism or a false estimate of himself that he could be the leader of the whole continent and not merely his own country. Rahu, consistent with his inherent nature, gives flights of fancy. It is not, therefore, surprising that the native envisaged a Europe protected by his own country’s shield of weapons. But Rahu enabled him thanks to the Martian effects he had to give, to realize his important aim of stabilizing his own country and making it strong and also of immense value.

He relinquished his position in Saturn’s sub-period within the major period of Rahu. It will be seen that Saturn occupies the 12th house and from Chandra Lagna he owns the 12th house. Here again the Dasamsa chart is ominous: Rahu, the major lord occupying the 11th aspected by Mars, lord of Lagna, and Saturn debilitated in the 6th with a Maraka. He saved his country from the major disaster of a civil war and gave it political stability and he was obliged to come out of the political scene after the commencement of Saturn’s sub-period.
The horoscopes illustrate above bring to focus the important dictum that unless divested of the germs of fall inherent in a planetary set-up by other balancing astrological factors, Raja Yoga may arise, the  native may experience power and he may also lose it either by death or by being rejected by the people or by being overthrown.

A horoscope must be viewed as a whole and not in isolated parts; otherwise it would be like a blind man describing an elephant. The general fact that a Raja Yoga is present leads one nowhere. Classical writers have prepared and matrix defining the patters of combinations and their significance. Some cases present insuperable difficulties to all but those skilled interpreters gifted with intuition. Astrologers have their own idiosyncrasies; and under certain psychological fallacies distortion of judgment cannot be ruled out.

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