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Planet connection with Politics Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Similarly take Mars Dasa Saturn Bhukti in this chart. Mars owns the houses 5 and 10. Saturn owns 7, 8 and 9 houses. At the time of judgment one should analyse and read as follows:-

Lord of 5 Dasa lord of 7 sub period.

5 Dasa lord of 8 sub period.

5 Dasa lord of 9 sub period.

10 Dasa lord of 7 sub period.

10 Dasa lord of 8 sub period.

10 Dasa lord of 9 sub period.

Similarly, we have to read in all horoscopes.

First note whether lagna is strong and unafflicted or the Moon sign is strong.

Here Lagna is in Cancer. It is occupied by Saturn and Ketu. So lagna gets spoiled as the sign in which lagna falls is afflicted by the occupation of 2 malefics Saturn and Ketu whether they are in Lagna Bhava or 12th Bhava. But moon sign is auspicious as no malefic is conjoined with Moon. But lord of the Moon sign, Jupiter, aspects Moon and the sign. So, take Dhanus sign – Sagittarius as the first house and proceed.

When the doubt arises, the take the ruling planet at the moment of judgment. For example, today, 20-9-67, it is Thursday; it is 11-30 a.m. and the lagna is Sagittarius: Moon is transiting in Punarvasu ruled by Jupiter. Whenever you need clarification, just think of Uchishta Maha Ganapathi, and judge taking the ruling planets at that moment and the tip from nature. As I write this line, oh God, a priest enters my residence. What is the significator for a priest? Jupiter, therefore, reject Moon’s own sign Cancer as lagna but selected the sign occupied by Moon and ruled by Jupiter. House-One – Moon is in 1. But Ketu is in Moon’s sign. Therefore, take the planet of Ketu’s star. They are Jupiter-Mercury and Moon.

House six – no planet.

House nine – Mercury. Ashlesha Jyestha and Revathi are in Mercury’s star. House ten – occupied by Mars. No planet is in Mars star.

Jupiter owns the house, one: Mars 5: Sun 9 and Mercury 10.

When we consider the above significators we can note that Sun, lord of 9 is in the constellation of lord of 10 and is conjoined with Ketu aspecting Rahu which is also aspected by Saturn.

It is said that a node is stronger than the planet with which it is conjoined or by which it is aspected or the lord of the sign in which it is posited. Hence Rahu in Saturn’s sign and Sun’s star, aspected by Saturn and Sun is stronger than both and as the significator is Sun, prefer Rahu. Put this question? What are the various results which Rahu is to give by conjunction, aspect and occupation? Then, one is to answer that it has to offer the results of Sun, through the sources of Sun and Saturn.

The significators are Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Ketu and Rahu (weaker Sat. and Moon).

Now the native is running Rahu Dasa, Jupiter Bhukti from 10-11-1966 till 4-4-1969. He has become a Minister on 5-3-1967 when Rahu Dasa Guru Bhukti Sani Antara started.

If we follow the traditional system, to Moon Saturn is 4 (Ardha Ashtama) evil. But it has given.

Actually Sun, lorde of 9 in the constellation of lord of 10, passed in Saturn sign, Jupiter star Jupiter sub. 

He won the election when Sun was in Saturn sign Rahu star.

As per Hindu method of house division, Rahu is in 7. It is aspected by Ashtama sthana adhipathi Saturn. No beneficial aspect. How can it give? He is a Minister only now. Mars Rajayoga adhipathi, in 10 to Moon did not give. Moon aspected by Jupiter, lord of 9, Sukra, lord of 11 and Mars, lord of 5 and 10 did not give. It is only Rahu representing 7th and 8th houses gave.

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