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Planet connection with Politics Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Planets connected with politics are:

(a) Sun, to have connection with Government.

(b) Mercury to represent a group of people.

(c) If one takes up a position of trust, Saturn.

(d) If one gets authority and power-Mars.

(e) To administer, Jupiter.

(f) For social success, Venus. Houses connected with politics are:

(i) second house for obtain and earnings,

(ii) fifth house to move pleasantly with people, take the chances – speculation – in the game.

(iii) Tenth house – for name, fame, reputation authority, power, earnings, etc.
The horoscope of a gentleman born at 4-05 a.m. IST on 10-8-1916 at 23degree59’ N and 85degree25’E is as follows:-

(1) According to me, judge houses 1, 6, 9 and 10. Any of them should have connection with 5th house.

(2) The occupants of these houses must be in the constellation of benefics by lordship and not by nature.

(3) The sub  is to  be ruled by benefics connected with any of the houses 1, 6, 9, 10 or 11.

Cusps:- I 7degree Cancer 7’; II 1degree Leo 26; III 29degree Leo 26; IV 1degree; Libra 26’; V 5degree Scorpio 26’;l VI 7degree Sagi 26’ (New Students to note:- Moon is lord of 1; Sun is Lord of 2 and 3 – why, second cusp and 3 cusp fall in Leo; Mercury is lord of 12 alone: Venus is lord of 4 and 11: Mars, lord of 5 and 10: Jupiter, lord of 6: Saturn, lord of 7, 8 and 9. This is the method advocated and followed by Westerners. The rule is this. Note in which sign, a cusp falls. Then the lord of the sign is the lord of the House. Even though the major portion of the extension of the house may be in the other sign, not owned by the lord of the cusp. In Leo 3rd cusp has fallen at 29degree 26’. Only 34’ is in this sign: all the 30degree of Virgo is in this Bhava. This house extends up to 1degree26’ in Libra. 

Therefore, the 3rd house is 32degree in longitude. Only 0degree34’ is in Leo. Yet Sun is the lord of the 3rd house. Mercury as lord of Virgo, does not become the lord of this house. If in Gemini there are 2 cusps, for those houses, Mercury will be the lord. If a planet owns two signs and there are 3 cusps, and if the planet were to be in its own star, then the planet has to offer the results of these 3 houses, through the sources indicated by these three houses.

If another planet owning 2 houses and occupying its star has its sub period in the major period of the planet owing 3 houses, how to read the result?

Let me pose these questions and answer- Sun owns one house, say second house, Venus owns 4 and 11: how do we read the result: Lord of 1 Dasa, lord of 4 sub period.

Lord of 1 Dasa, lord of 11 sub period. Suppose it is Mercury Dasa Venus Bhukti. Mercury owns 2 and 11: Venus owns 3 and 10. Then lord of 2 Dasa lord of 3 sub period.

Lord of 2 Dasa lord of 10 sub period.

Lord of 11 Dasa lord of 3 sub period.

Lord of 11 Dasa lord of 10 sub period.

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