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Indicators of Popularity and Fame Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 3

He was true Gandhian, but how many times he was made the President of Indian National Congress? He was instrumental in taking Mahatma Gandhi to Champaran which ultimately made Gandhji nationally known but Rajendra Prasad always wanted to remain in the background always shunning limelight and public appearance. He did not think that he was a great man, but very few also gave him his due. That is one of the reasons that the first president of the Indian Republic is generally forgotten. In places of political worships, the pictures of several vice-presidents adore that dais and public offices but the picture of Dr. Rajendra Prasad is conspicuously absent. In his chart one will find that his life was destined to be great because of the basic strength in the horoscope but the various principles of popularity had been wanting. His Jupiter is unrelated with tenth house as well as with the ninth house. His Jupiter does not aspect the ascendant either. The only saving grace is that Jupiter aspects the lord of the ninth house. Moon is associated with malefic Saturn. Rahu is itself in the ninth house. These combinations would show that he may not have the popularity in the usual sense: he would always get less than what he deserved from the public.

On the other hand, we may examine the chart of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was universally considered a beloved person. Considered category by category, every count which makes a person important and renown, has been absent in Pandit Nehru’s life. Compared to Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the academic career of Pandit Nehru was not better. Even the sacrifice of his personal wealth and promising career for earning money and social prestige could not be considered of higher value than Dr. Prasad. Yet, Pandit Nehru was the beloved leader of the country, whereas Dr. Rajendra Prasad was like a god to be respected but not to be loved. This is the difference between popularity and capability, renown and blind adoration. What comes from the past lives is the blind adoration or unfounded likes (love is blind, as is said, is true also for what is ordinarily known as popularity, and that is what comes to be what we are discussing). We find that in the case of Pandit Nehru, Ascendant is Cancer with Moon, the ascendant lord, there uncontaminated by any other planet malefic or benefic. Jupiter associated with Ketu and aspecting Rahu has absolved these planets of their malefic nature. Their inherent feature for stigmatizing the individual wherever they afflict the chart has been turned by Jupiter in favour of the person concerned. (It is altogether a different matter whether the Jovian disposition itself has been greatly altered). In this way despite of various weakening combinations of the chart, the disposition of Jupiter and Moon have tremendously added to the popularity and public adoration (even when it is not always based on any tangible basis). In this connection one can even note that the tenth house is powerfully aspected by Jupiter from its own sign.

From the above example, one can find that the popularity which arises from the merits earned in the past lives, and efforts of the present incarnation may arises from the disposition of ninth, tenth and first houses being linked with Jupiter and Moon and protected from the evils of Rahu and Ketu. Those persons who want to know whether they are expected to get much popularity and renown should look for the unafflicted and helpful influence of Jupiter and Moon. One need not jump to any hasty conclusions because even when these combinations are not obviously present, as it is shown by the example of Dr. Rajendra Prasad there could be many other factors which would make the person really wanted and useful for the nation and the world. Such credits or such conditions come from the deeds done in the past; hard work in the present. Rewards denied in the present time are kept well preserved for the future which when presented may appear unmerited but they are the fruits of hard work in the present life.

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