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On Foreign Travel with Planets

Dr. Shanker Adawal

In fact, controversial statement are given by eminent astrologers while predicting on Foreign matter which may not be accepted at any cost. During my discussion among the personalities on Foreign journey, many persons did not emphasize on the prediction as right that moment they did not find any scope to get an opportunity to proceed abroad. On and from the pioneer stage of astrological culture in the year 1967 my prediction on Foreign tour about my native become confirmed and they proceeded afterwards. Just after citing multifarious points of clues of foreign tour I shall append the `horoscope of few personalities who proceeded abroad for different purposes. No doubt question may not arise about journey towards western countries if there is no solvency in financial capacity. My curiosity developed while predicting a native’s chart who had accurate birth time who comes of a poor family of middle class from a remote village of West Bengal, whom I boldly foretold to be sure about his tour on certain date on the basis of the system.

Before going on details of Rashi Chart, I like to enlighten the chief formula how to proceed abroad. It will be a matter of exaggeration if I say that trinal houses and particularly from 240 degree to 360 degree is vital in case of foreign tour. In Indian Astrology, in course of discussion with respected Pundits and reputed astrologers, I have noticed that emphasis was given on 333 degree to 360 degree from the Ascendant, according to Western astrology and compilation method, i.e. Stellar availed by the planet along with the Vimsottari Dasa/sub/minor interim. Krishnamurti enlightened all the points as mentioned above and stipulated that cuspal position, mid points, sub sub points of ninth house and benevolent relation of sub sub planet of Ascendant with the ninth house lord of planets whenever they are posited which is really or scientific procedure who thought in depth.

Forecasting on foreign matter may be enlightened according to 12 Ascendants. For Aries/Mesha Ascendant Jupiter, for Taurus/Vrishava, Saturn for Gemini/Mithuna Saturn, Venus for Cancer/Karkata, Jupiter/Mercury for Leo/Simha Mars/Moon, for Virgo/Kanya, Venus/Sun for Libra/Tula, Mercury/for Scorpio/Vrischika Moon;/Venus for Sagittarius/Dhanu, Sun/Mars for Capricorn/Makara on Mercury/Jupiter, for Venus/Saturn and for Pisces/Meena Ascendant Mars/Saturn’s role are to be verified for finalization of prediction.

Dragon’s head/Saturn/Jupiter are the major karaka of foreign tour. Krishnamurti pointed out to confirm the relevant matter of foreign issue on the basis of chief significator (sub-sub of ninth cusp and planet’s sub-sub) Ascendant sub-sub curp along with 3rd/12 houses sub sub cusp and the sub sub cusp of the planets posited therein together with the assurance of eleventh house which gives clue fulfillment of success of the matter to the native. If these houses do not agree to provide promise for foreign tour, prediction may be given in negative without hesitation as sometimes persons intended to know about the matter that most of the procedure were followed to go abroad which confuses the astrologers as they become biased on listening the light assurance from them without knowing planetary positions in the Zodiac.

In spite of these points planets of trine and quadrant are to be Yogakaraka or positive for assurance of foreign matter from the stand point of Ascedant. Neechabhanga, Raja Yoga/karaka planet also becomes helpful for the native for finalization of proceedings towards abroad.

I have noticed in few rasi charts that location of moon along with Saturn in sixth house from Ascendant will insist the native to reside abroad. Location of moon/Saturn or Sat/Mars or Rahu Mars in ninth will give trouble to the native while in journey even during staying foreign. For example, and ready reference, following cases are appended below who awaited the chance to move westward for different purpose. An officer of Indian Army had been in Nigeria (Africa) while he had the Dasa of ninth in sub of 12/sub-sub period of Asc., whose birth sign is Ascendant falls in Scorpio.

Next belongs to the research scholar in bio-chemistry who proceeded on 18th May 1979 for USA for post doctoral research after obtaining M.Sc. Ph.D from the University of Calcutta during the main period Moon/and Major importance is to be given on ninth house from the ascendant. Confirmation is assured by Guruji as he cited the house cuspal, planetary position and lordship of the particular house together with its location from the stand point of malefic and benevolent. Similarly it was marked while every astrological propounders of different schools of Astrology assimilated on the view point that movable planets play an important role while forecasting on foreign issue. It is a matter of observation where the planet of ninth house is posited. If it is located in any house which is having in connection with the traveling matter chance may be assured if the planet is beneficial for the particular ascendant.

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