Know About Overseas Part 2

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Part 2

Therefore, Saturn, Kethu and Venus are auspicious to go on a long journey. Hence Saturn Dasa Kethu Bhukti Venus Anthara is between 2-6-64 and 3-9-64. As Kethu is the strongest, the shookshma should be that of Kethu which operated on 2-9-64 and 3-9-64. The editor predicted that he will go overseas on 2-9-64, when Sun transits in Venus star and when Sun conjoins in Venus star and when Sun conjoins both Mercury and Uranus in that constellation. (Mercury and Uranus are for sudden journeys).
The next horoscope belongs to one person, who need not go overseas, as he need not qualify himself by further studies or contact any one to expand his business. But, without any expectation and expenses, the native had made overseas journey as predicted years ago. The Chart is as follows:-

Born on 11-7-1920 at 11-10 A.M., the balance of Venus Dasa is 7 years and 3 months. Consider 9th and 12th houses for overseas. 9 is vacant. It is owned by Venus. Rahu occupies Venus sign – Rahu is stronger than Venus. Rahu has to give the results of Mars also as it is conjoined with it. Rahu was in its own constellation. 12th house is occupied by Saturn. It is in the constellation of lord of 9, Venus as it is in Poorvapalguni star.

Sun is lord of 12; it is conjoined with Venus. Hence Rahu, in Venus’s sign, Saturn, Venus and Sun are the significators. So Rahu Dasa Venus Bhukti Saturn Anthara was found to be the period. Rahu Dasa Venus Bhukti commenced on 29-4-64; Saturn’s sub sub was between 2-4-64 and 23-9-64: again in this period Venus Shookshma operated between 3-6-64 and 1-7-64. Actually he left Madras on 28.6.64 to Delhi and the left Delhi and reached America.

Why should he go to Delhi and break his journey? Because Venus was in the constellation of Jupiter who owns the 7th house which signifies this break.

Overseas Travel

The house to be judged are 3, 9 and 12. As he expects to go on duty, include the 10th house also.

The significators are to be found out in the following manner:-

(1) Planets including nodes deposited in the constellation of the occupants of houses 3, 9 and 12;

(2) Occupants of these houses;

(3) Planets including nodes situated in the constellation of the lords ruling houses 3, 9 and 12;

(4) Lord of these houses; and

(5) Planets conjoined with or aspected by any of the significators.

Always be careful: when and there verify and proceed.

Whenever nodes occupy either of the sign a planet which is the lord of the sign where the nodes are posited, or in the constellation of a planet or node take this node as stronger:

(Why is the third house to be judged? Because one has to leave his permanent place of residence.)
The permanent place of residence is denoted by the 4th house. 12th to the 4th shows removal from the permanent residence. Therefore, you have to consider the 3rd house. Whatever matters are governed by a certain house, will be negated by the house which is in 12 to it (12th shows Zyaya).

Why 9th house? Long journey is indicated by the 9th house. The third house includes short journeys. The 7th house shows breaks in journey. Many a third and many a seventh contribute to 9th also.

12th house – Why? When one goes overseas he stays in a foreign place: He will live in entirely new surroundings and new environments.

10th house – Why? Because one goes on duty and 10th shows one’s profession. If one goes to bet in the races, take 5th house. If one goes to marry a girl or boy, take 7th house. If one goes to deliver lecture, take 2nd house: and so on. If one is to break journey on the way, take 7th house.

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