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Planets and Foreign Travels Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Classical astrological literature provides a fund of information to indicate travels, short and long, earning livelihood in a foreign land, frequent journeys and so on. But hte combinations and Yogas given are far too many to pinpoint the occurrence of the event. For example, Jataka Parijata lays down that if the Ascendant is movable and its lord is in movable sign aspected by planets from movable signs the native of the chart has to go to a foreign land to earn his livelihood. Such a combination is very frequently seen but without the corresponding effect. Which are the cases where the above rule is to be applied, and where exactly should we clinch – these are real posers to students of astrology. Living in a foreign land is probably not guided merely by ascendant, its lord, and aspects on Ascendant lord. If one tabulates the position of houses and planets responsible for foreign travels and living abroad he will find that practically all the nine planets have powers to contribute in one way or the other as they will be found to have something to do with either the 1st or the 12th or the 9th or the 7th or the 4th or the 10th or their lords that are concerned with the question or the three airy or three watery signs and also the four movable signs. Do we become wiser after such a conglomeration of all available planets, houses, etc.? Does an analysis on the basis of the several-fold principles enunciated by old seers really help us to synthesis and cull out the prediction regarding foreign travel from among the scores of probabilities?

However, in spite of such severe limitations there is a silver lining. On a few occasions when confronted with the query about foreign travels. I took care to work out the horary chart for the time of query besides studying the natal chart and found that in a majority of cases the horary chart gave correct supplementary indications when suitably supported by the birth chart. Neither the natal chart nor the horary chart could exclusively be taken as final for purposes of prognostication in all the cases that I examined. Although in some, the horary charts alone gave the verdict, it again cannot be considered as the final say in the matter.

I, therefore, wish to place before the readers my limited analysis in a few out of many cases worked out by me, more for discussions rather than as a piece of analytical judgement. To venture into dynamic problems of this nature rather induces a tendency to vertigo. Since there may be others in like cases, I feel it is worth the attempt to clear up some very simple problems in the hope that combined efforts may be more helpful. I shall also endeavour to keep my mind free so as to give up any hypothesis, however, much beloved, once facts are shown to be opposed to it.

There are innumerable combinations and Yogas given in the texts indicating foreign travels, living in foreign land, etc. My first attempt here is to bring out some of the broad factors and more important underlying principles signifying foreign travels, and to apply them to a few practical cases of natal and horary charts. The usual rules governing horary astrology have also been applied where necessary.

(1) The 9th house (and not necessarily the 9th sign) should be preferably in a movable sign and movable Navamsa and should possess adequate strength.

(2) Rahu or Kethu or any malefic the 12th from the lord of the Ascendant.

(3) The lord of the 12th house from that occupied by the lord of the Ascendant as the latter’s enemy or in depression or weak.

(4) Malefic in the 12th house aspected by other malefic and the lord of the 12th is himself with a malefic.

(5) A benefic in the 12th house aspected by another benefic and the 12th lord in a benefic sign.

(6) The 12th house occupied by a malefic and the 12th lord conjoined with as well as aspected by a malefic.

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