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Sunapha, Anapha and Dhurdhura Yoas and Their Results Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 2

Sloka 10. All these mentioned above are the general results of Sunapha Yogas. The results of the Yogas formed by each planet is varied and should be learnt properly. Now he tells about them. A native born with the Sunapha Yoga karta Mars in 2 to Moon will do work with vigour, will be harsh in speech, will be leader of an army, will be cruel in character, will do harm to others, and will be arrogant and inimical.

Sloka 11: If Mercury is Sunapha Yoga Karta he will be proficient in Veda Sashtras and music, and will be charitable will be a composer or poetry, will be pure in mind, pleasant to all and beautiful.

Sloka 12: If Jupiter is Sunapha Yoga Karta, he will be famous as a teacher of many arts, a king or his equal, and will have a good family and wealth.

Sloka 13: If Venus is Sunapha Yoga Karta, he will have pleasure through women, possess plenty of lands and four legged animals like cows, and bulls, will be valiant, respected by King, very courageous, bold, learned and intelligent.

Sloka 14: If Saturn is Sunapha Yoga Karta, he will be very clever and intelligent, will be worshipped b the people of village and town, amass wealth, do acts stealthily, and will be courageous.

Sloka 15: Now he tells the results of Anapha Yogas formed by each planet.
If Mars is Anapha Yoga Karta (in 12 to Moon), the native will be the gang leader of thieves and rogues, will be independent, efficient in fight, clever at war, hot tempered, reputed, and will be praised by others, will have good physique and will be very proud.

Sloka 16: If Mercury is Anapha Yoga Karta, the native will be proficient a music and drawing, will be a poet, orator, the possessor of presents from king, and will be beautiful and wealthy, and famous.

Sloka 17: If Jupiter is Anapha Yoga Karta, he will be bold, noble and upright, will have an enduring character, will be the head of an advising committee, intelligent, and honoured by a king and will  be a poet.

Sloka 18: If Venus is Anapha Yoga Karta, he will be loved by young virtuous women, will be friend of a king, protector of cows, will be famous, and handsome and will have plenty of gold and other treasures.

Sloka 19: If Saturn is Anapha Yoga Karta, the native will have broad shoulders, will be a leader, will quickly grasp others’ words, will be a possessor of four-legged animals and will be fond of bad women.
Now he tells about the results of Dhurdhura Yoga formed be at least any two of the five planets (Mars, etc.) being on both sides of Moon.

Sloka 20: A native born in Dhurdhura Yoga formed by Mars and Mercury on both sides of Moon will be a liar, excessively wealthy, an expert, very cruel, will possess good behaviour, will be patient (polite), and will be fond of elderly bad women.

Sloka 21: If Mars and Jupiter are Dhurdhura Yoga Kartas, he will be famous in his trade, wealthy, inimical to his people, haughty, contented, protector of his race and community.

Sloka 22: If Mars and Venus are Dhurdhura Yoga Kartas, he will have good wife, will be lucky, fond of worldly affairs, neat, talented, will do physical exercises and will be an expert at war.

Sloka 23: If Mars and Saturn are Dhurdhura Yoga Kartas, he will have company of women of bad character, a wanderer, will earn a lot, will be always worried, irritable, will carry tales about others, will be a rogue and will have enemies.

Sloka 24: If Mercury and Jupiter are Dhurdhura Yoga Kartas, he will be dutiful, learned in Sastras, sweet voiced, will be a poet, a rich man, will be charitable and famous.

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