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Sunapha, Anapha and Dhurdhura Yoas and Their Results Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 1

Sri Kalyana Varma says about Sunapha, Anapha and Dhurdhura, the three important Yogas caused by the planets occupying the second and the 12th signs counted from Moon.

Sloka 1: If one, two or more of the five planets, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn (excepting Sun and Moon the two luminaries) are in 2 or 12 or in both the houses from the moon sign whatever be the sign, Sunapha, Anapha and Dhurdhura Yogas are formed respectively.
One can find out Sunapha Yoga by the planet in the second house counted from the Moon sign. Anapha is caused by the planet in 12 to Moon; and Dhurdhura Yoga by the planets both in 2 and 12 to Moon. In a horoscope only one of the three Yogas will be formed (or neither Sunapha nor Anapha nor both).

Sloka 2: If these three Yogas are not formed then it is called `Kemadruma Yoga’. But if Moon or any planet is not in a Kendra to Lagna and if Moon does not have aspect from any planet, then Kemadruma Yoga of the worst type is formed.

Note: some consider that Anupha Yoga is formed by Mars or any other planet in 10th from Moon sign, Sunapha when they are in the 4th from Moon, and Dhurdhura when they are in both 10th and 4th houses.

Sloka 3: There are 31 different kinds each in Sunapha and Anapha Yogas. There are 180 kinds of Dhurdhura Yoga. They are shown here.

Five varieties are formed by one of the 5 planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in the 2nd from Moon’s sign, ten varieties by two planets in the 2nd from Moon’s sign, ten by three planets, five by four planets, and one by five planets. Thus there are 34 varieties like wise. Dhurdhura is only a combination of both these Yogas and thus it has 180 varieties which can be obtained by (the principle of) combination.

Sloka 4: A native born in Sunapha Yoga will be wealthy. Having self-earned property, he will be charitable and knowing the meanings of Shastras, he will have good reputation, will please all by his good conduct, will be handsome, will enjoy all pleasure, and will be an intelligent king, a ruler or his equal or a minister.

Sloka 5: A native born in Anapha Yoga will be good at speech, wealthy and healthy, will have excellent character, will derive pleasure through good food, fragrant flowers, dress and ornaments and good ladies, will have good reputation, and have pleasing character, and will be happy and contended and fond of dress.

Sloka 6: A native born in Dhurdhura Yoga will be very famous by his speech, intelligence, valour and character, will be selfish, blessed with wealth, pleasure and conveyance, will be charitable, suffer due to responsibility of bringing up his family and its members, will have good behaviour and enjoy a high status.

Sloka 7: A native born in Kemadruma Yoga though born in a Royal family will have no pleasure through wife, will have no good food, no family pleasure, no good dress, no friends though he may possess wealth, will suffer due to poverty and will enjoy no pleasure will beg and suffer without money, will be afflicted with disease, will always suffer, serve as a menial, will have bad character, and will do a job which will make all people his enemies.

Sloka 8: One must determine the results of  Anapha Yogas by considering the planets in Kendra Rasi to Moon and the strength of the planets and Moon.

Sloka 9: The learned “Deivagya” shold tell the results of Sunapha Yogas by considering properly the strength of the planets which are Yoga karakas, having regard to time and place and of the period of the native.

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