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Sunapha, Anapha and Dhurdhura Yoas and Their Results Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 3

Sloka 25: If Mercury and Venus are Dhurdhura Yoga Kartasa, he will speak loving words, will be extremely lucky, handsome, fond of dance, song, drama and other fine arts, will be respected by many, will be heroic and a minister.

Sloka 26: If Mercury and Saturn are Dhurdhura Yoga Kartas, he will go from one country to another in pursuit of wealth, will not be very talented, will be inimical to relatives, butu will be respected by strangers and foreigners.

Sloka 27: If Jupiter and Venus are Dhurdhura Yoga Kartas, he will be courageous, patient, polite, will have a good knowledge of laws, will be wealthy, will possess precious stones, will be famous, and will do acts like a king.

Sloka 28: If Jupiter and Saturn are Dhurdhura Yoga Kartas, the native will have magnanimous and noble character and knowledge, will speak loving words, will be learned, will hold responsible posts, will be respectable, and of peace loving temperament, wealthy and beautiful.

Sloka 29: If Venus and Saturn are Dhurdhura Yoga Kartas, one will behave like old people, will be head of his race (family) will be a Nipuna, will be loved by women, will receive presents from king and will be extremely wealthy.

One must find out the results formed by two or more planets just like the results mentioned above. If these Yoga producing planets have full strength at the exact cusp to the moon Bhava, the results read by the planets will be enjoyed in full.

If, however, the planets (or Moon) get Yoga by Rahu or Kethu or muted, or debilitated, or loose strength or posited in Sandhi, then these results will not be enjoyed.

Sloka 30: If Moon is in 1-4-7-10 (in Kendra) from Sun, then one will have wealth, intelligence, knowledge and reverence to a little extent. These will be average if Moon were in 2-5-8-11 (in succeedent) houses. They will be full, if Moon is in 3-6-9-12 (in cadent) houses.

Sloka 31: If Moon were in Adhirisiartha it will give very bad results. A native born at that time will be afflicted with poverty and other disagreeable results.

If Moon were in Dhirisiartha in day time it will give bad results like fear, sorrow, etc. Waxing Moon becomes a benefic at night. If that Moon conjoins one in Dhirisiartha it will cause very good results. Waning Moon becomes a benefic in day time. If that Moon conjoins one in Adhirisiartha it will be moderately benefic.

Waning Moon in day time and in Adhirisiartha is a benefic. It is a benefic while waxing and at night and in Dhirisiartha. Generally Waning Moon becomes a malefic and a waxing moon a benefic. By the foregoing, one must understand the differences between extremely benefic-benefic-moderate malefic-extremely malefic.

Sloka 32: All benefic planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Venus) posited in Upachaya rasis (3-6-10-11) from lagna will make a native extremely rich. If two of these benefics are in any of the Upachaya Sthanas, they make one moderately wealthy. If only one benefic is in Upachaya, it will make him rich only to a slight extent. One must understand the differentiation of wealth as excessive-moderate-meager by the benefic planets also posited in Upachayas to Moon.

One must also know the results given by the beneficial planets posited in Upachaya to Moon arre less than that given by them when posited in Upachaya to lagna.

If there is no planet in Upachaya to both lagna and Moon, then the native will become poor and will be a pauper. These benefic planets in Upachaya give the result of Dhana Yoga even though one has Yoga of poverty like Kemadhurma Yoga.

Sloka 33: In this chapter dealing with sunapha and other Moon Yogas, nothing is said about Adhi and other Yogas. Since those Adhi Yogas are Raja Yogas, they will be dealt with in the chapter on Raja Yoga.

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