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Vesi, Vasi and obhhayachari Yogas and Their Results

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

In this chapter Vesi-Vasi-Obhayachari Yogas are discussed considering Sun, just as Sunapha-Anapha Dhurdhura Yogas were discussed considering Moon.

Sloka 1: Excepting Moon, if one of the five planets Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Saturn is in the second house to Sun Vesi Yoga is formed, Vasi Yoga is formed, twelfth house and Obhayachari Yoga when it is second and twelfth houses. Now their results are discussed below.

Sloka 2: The native born is Vesi Yoga will walk slowly, will stick to his words, will fail in his endeavours, be a hunch-back (will have his torso bent) and will always cast his look downwards. Now the result formed by each planet is discussed.

Sloka 3: If Jupiter is Vesi Yoga Karta (i.e., if it is in the 2nd house from Sun) he will have much of wealth, and the company of relatives and friends.

Sloka 4: If Mercury happens to be Vesi Yoga karta, he will have a work which will involve washing and cleaning bodies, will be poor, but polite, soft in behaviour and shy.
If Mars is Vesi Yoga Karta, he will walk fast and will give trouble to others.

Sloka 5: If Saturn is Vesi Yoga karta, he will be fond of others wives, cruel in character, will look like an old man, and will be a rogue and will be disgusted.

Sloka 6: Now the general result of Vasi Yoga is discussed. Te native born in Vasi Yoga will speak in a high pitch (i.e., a the top of his voice), have a well-developed body above the waist, will be always gay, will look through the corners of his eyes, will be stout, equal to a king, polite in character, knowing smritis, and will be busy.

Sloka 7: Now the result due to each planet conferring Vasi Yoga is discussed.
If Jupiter is Vasai Yoga karta, the native will have courage, patience, fighting spirit and intelligence, and will indulge in useful talks.

If Venus is Vasi Yoga karka, he will be brave, famous, cultured and will be famous. (Well known.)

Sloka 8: If Mercury is Vasi Yoga karta, the native will speak as desired, will be handsome and will carry out acts, ordered by others.

If Mars is Vasi Yoga karta, he will be clever at war, famous and will not reap any beneficial results from others.

Sloka 9: If Saturn is Vasi Yoga karta, he will do business, will be cruel minded, will appropriate others’ wealth, have enmity with his teachers, will be the possessor of a good sword or of a weapon according to the times.

Sloka 10: The learned and the `Deivagya’ should properly judge the strength and position of the planets (from Sun) which confer Sun’s Vesi Vasi, etc. Yogas ad then discuss their results.

Sloka 11-12: The native born in Obhayachari Yoga will patiently bear all difficulties, will regard all people with the same outlook, will not be too stout nor too lean, will be very strong and powerful, will have a neck like that of a lion, will not be very tall, will be all round and extremely lucky, will possess many servants and much wealth, will be receptive to relatives, equal to a king will be always happy, contented and will enjoy pleasures.

Here the special results of Obhayachari Yoga by each planet is not discussed as it is done for Dhurdhura Yoga, One should find out the result of Obhayachari Yoga by considering those discussed under Vesi and Vasi Yogas.

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  1. Vesi yoga venus is not discussed. Also what happens if the planet involved in the yoga are functional nalific or combust. Please guide.


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