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Some Important Yogas and Their Application-II Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 2

In a certain female horoscope (chart No. 2) Mercury and Venus are very well combined in Lagna, as lords of 10 (and 1) and 9 (and 2) respectively. But, Venus, the lord of 9 the house of luck and good fortune, is rather weak, in combustion, for, though the combination of Mercury is not at all harmful, the combustion of Venus is not good. Luckily, Venus has obtained Neechabhanga (cancellation of debility) as Mercury is exalted (within the first 5 degrees of Virgo); 3rd and 8th lord, Mars in 2nd and his dashas periods were not good. The horoscope shows a poor father, in ordinary position, who will, however, rise up fairly well, though not very high. According to Saravali, Sun Moon, Mercury and Venus together, aspected by Jupiter from his own house in a Kendra (though 7 is also the Badhakasthana for a dual sign), show a good enough combination. But, my point is just to emphasize that the 9 and 10th Yoga, here, is just ordinary but not outstanding, as the combining of 9th and 10th lords are not quite so strong. So, the horoscope is fairly good but not very brilliant or excellent, (despite 9 and 10 Yoga and Kesari Yoga), whereas our President Radhakrishnan has Mercury and Venus, unsullied in lagna (Virgo), Mars being in 12th.

As already indicated above for Dharma Karmadhipa Yoga to give real and high Raja Yoga, i.e., position and power, there should be no combination or aspect of lords of 3, 6, 8, 11 and 12. Everyone will understand why the association of baneful lords of 3, or 6 or 8 or 12, particularly 6 and 8 lords is, taboo. But, they may put the question: Why is the lord of 11’s combination or association prohibited?

1. Dharmakarmanetarou Randhralabhadipodyadi Tayoh Sambandamatrena Na Yogam Nahabathenouraba;

2. Sampatsoukyakharou tayornidhana Krillabadhicha Anyam Vina

The texts mean that 9th and 10th lords give success if unassociated with the lords of 8 or 11, so that there is a rule that for Aries (or Mesha Lagna) for which Saturn, lord of 10, is also lord of 11th (for a Chara Lagna and hence Badhakadhipati) and for Gemini (or Mithuna Lagna), for which Jupiter, lord of 10, also owns 7 (the Badhakas for a dual sign) and Saturn, lord of 9, is also lord of 8, there is no use in banking on 9 and 10 Yoga. But, this rule has to be very carefully understood and applied.

I give now the horoscope (Chart No. 3) of a gentleman who was the Accountant – General of Madras and then (even after retirement) the Financial Adviser to Indore and Baroda. Mark Jupiter lord of 10 in 9. A benefic owning Kendras gets Kendradhipa Dosha (quadrangular affliction); but, it does not mean, he is bad, in the sense that lord of 6 or lord of 8 is bad. It only means, he may kill as a maraka if there is no longevity. But, lord of 10 in 9, and especially in 9 is seen to be very good for Mithuna Lagna, though I do not quite like Jupiter in 7, even if  he may give the native a good-natured and handsome wife. In the instant case, lord of 10, Jupiter, is in 9; and 9th lord Saturn in is 10. So, the evil of Saturn’s lordship of 9 or Jupiter lordship of 7 cannot and do not affect the native. Mark also Sun, exalted in 1, a good feature, and Mercury and Venus, as lords of 1 and 4 and 5 (and 2), together in 11. The  native was generally fortunate.

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