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Some Important Yogas and Their Application-II Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal  
Part 3

I shall give another horoscope (Chart No. 4) to illustrate my point. It is this:-

The native was born as one of a number of children of an ordinary Excise official. Mark Mercury lord of Lagna, in Neechabhanga. But, 1, 5 and 9 lords are in 10 and 10th lord is in Lagna. So, the horoscope is good enough, even for international reputation. But, the aspect of mars, lord of 6 and 11th on 10, the combination, and on the house lord Jupiter in Lagna is no good. But, it is unable to mar the Yoga, though it reduces the grade of success and reputation and in the Dasa of Mars,  his rise was obstructed. The native is a very intelligent and brilliant I.C.S. and was connoisseur of music and delayedly elevated from a District Judgeship as High Court Judge only in the Dasa of Rahu, whose fag-end however may mark his life’s end, too, as Mars aspects Rahu also.

9 and 10 Yoga is the Yoga par excellence. But, to bear good fruit and tog give outstanding and pronounced prosperity, the 9th and 0th lords must be associated in a good Bhava or house free from the malefic influence of Saturn or Mars, unless either of these planets happens to own the Ascendant or Lagna and so becomes the ruling planet for the native and free from the spoiling influence of the lords of 3, or 6 or 12 or 8 or 11.

This takes me to two important points. Firstly, the owners of 9 and 10, who must be in a good house and not in 3 or 6 or 8 or 12, should be so in Bhava Chakra or house-position, and not merely in Rasi. A planet, apparently in 9 from Lagna, may be in 8 in Bhava. Similarly, a planet, apparently in 6, may be good in 5 in Bhava.

Secondly, the lord of Lagna must be well placed and well associated, and much stronger than the lords of 6 or 8, for instance. Phaladeepika says, that, if no malefic in a quadrant or trine, i.e., 1 or 4 or 7 or 10, or 5 or 9, and if lord of Lagna and Jupiter are together in Kendras (1 or 4 or 7 or 10) the  native does good work, conducting to Punya, enjoys manifold enjoyments and lives long (100 years) free from disease.

According to Jataka Parijata, if the lord of Lagna or the Ascendant is in a Trikona (5 or 9) or a Kendra (1, or 4 or 7 or 10) with a aspected by a benefic, and in the house of a benefic (i.e., of Jupiter, of Venus or of full Moon or of well-associated Mercury), and strong, the native achieves widespread fame (extending to the four seas or oceans). Jatakalankara says that if the lord of Lagna is in a Kendra, preferably in his own or exaltation house, with Jupiter or Venus in the house of a benefic and aspected by a benefic, the native will be a principled man of character, esteemed and respected by all people and gets all Sampath (of 8 kinds) and shines like a Sun, among men.

Thus, it is seen that Lagnadhipati or the ruling planet must be well associated and well placed in a Kendra or Kona, for the native to be able to enjoy any Yoga. A dyspeptic patient cannot enjoy rich food and fruits in his house; even so, a person, with Lagnadhipati weak in 3 or 8 or 12 or in Neecha and ill-associated cannot prosper much; and any Yoga may benefit the father, or elder or younger brother, etc., as the case may be and not the native.

The above statement, however, requires one qualification. Lord of Lagna Neechabhanga enables the native to break his poor birth’s invidious bar and rise to clutch the golde keys of opulence and prosperity or power and position. Equally, Lagnadhipati in oocha-bhanga indicates a person born in a well-to-do place going down later. To illustrate:-

For Aries or Mesha Lagna, Mars in 4 in neecha is bad; but, with exalted Jupiter in 4 and with or aspected by a full Moon, gives distinct Neechabhanga Raja Yoga, meaning rise, from obscurity and poverty to fame and prosperity. Similarly, if for Aries, Mars is exalted in 10 in Digbala (directional strength) but Saturn is debilitated in Lagna, it is a case of oocha-bhanga, as the debility of Saturn, the lord of Capricorn where Mars is exalted, spoils Mars by evil aspect.

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