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Some Important Yogas and Their Application-II Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 1

Mr. W. E. Cladstone was borne in Sagittarius with Sun and Mercury in the birth-degree, and Jupiter in 4th in his own house and in 7th from Mon in 10th, Mars, lord of 5 (and 12th) being in exaltation. Every student of English History knows he was one of the famous Premiers of England. Mark Sun and Mercury together in close conjunction in Lagna, with the lord of the Ascendant strong in 4th and in his own house, with Hamsa Yoga and also Kesari Yoga, as Jupiter is in 180 degree the Moon. Mercury in combustion is not evil but good.

Raviluptakaraha Soumyaha Swasthemulatrikonagaha
Sarvavidhyadhiko Raja Netheresham Kacharinam

See meaning, if Mercury is in his own house closely combust by the Sun, the native is a learned king; this rule does not apply to other planets. So, even for Kanya (Virgo) Lagna or Mithuna (Gemini) Lagna, for which Sun is lord of 12th or of 3, if Mercury is combust but in his own house, it is good. For Dhanur (Sagittarius) Lagna, Sun and Mercury are the lords of 9th and 10th. So, Mercury’s combustion does not matter. In fact, close and exact conjunction heightens the Raja Yoga, due to the combination of the lords of 9 and 10. But, I have seen Sun and Mercury in 5th, with Venus (lord of 6th and 11th) and Moon (lord of 8th), for Dhanur Lagna being a failure in life, born to inherit considerable properties but eliminating them and becoming poor. That shows lord of 6 or 8 mars the Raja Yoga caused by 9th and 10th lords. Some say, that Parasara has stated that the Sun and Moon do not have evil of ownership of 8th, and so, Moon is not bad for Dhanur Lagna. She may be passable, when with, or in opposition to Jupiter or Guru. But, to say Moon is not bad, as lord of 8, is not quite correct. In fact, the author of the Uttarakalamrita has clarified the matter by saying, Sun or Moon as lord of 8th is not a maraka-planet, though giving troubles. To my mind, it is clear from experience that Sun for Makara (Capricorn) Lagna is not god as lord of 8th, as Sun and the ascendant-lord are bitter enemies of each other. However, when Sun is in Lagna, and Saturn is in 8th, for Capricorn I have found that Sun does not spoil and his Dasa is good.

I have seen a Kanya (Virgo) Lagna chart with Mars in 8th aspecting Mercury and Venus, in 11th, with, however, Moon, the lord of that 11th house weak. The native misappropriated his client’s money as a lawyer but managed to escape proceedings under the Legal Practitioner’s Act, as his whereabouts could not be known. Mark Mars, the worst lord of 3 and 8 aspecting the 9th and 10th lords, Mars, lord of 3 and 8, is best in 3 and may be in 8; but his aspect is rather baneful.

On the other hand, I give below the chart (No. 1) of an eminent I. C. S., who rose to be an Executive Councillor and even an Acting Governor of Bombay, I think, in the last days of British Rule.

I do not remember the exact positions of Saturn, Rahu and Kethu. But, I remember well, they  do not mar or eclipse the Yogakarakas. The native was a fearless and independent Indian I. C. S., of ability, scholarship and integrity. Please mark the key planets, Mercury and Venus, the lords of 1st and 10th, and of 2nd and 9th in 11th and Moon, the lord of 11th exalted in 9th and aspected by Jupiter. Evil Mars, lord of 3rd and 8th, is relegated to 12th, a safe place to corner him. Jupiter cause Vasumathi Yoga and explain is being born in a rich family.

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