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Raja Yoga and Politics Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 3

Coming to her personal life is a very rich lady owning orchards, agricultural lands, palatial mansion, vehicle and other paraphernalia. Her first son is an advocate and he is having some sort of legal practice. Her second son is employed in a factory as an Assistant Executive. Both the sons are Advocates by qualification. The wife of the second son is richer than this lady and therefore she does not permit the mother and the son stay together any time. The interplanetary war occurring in the 5th house in which the 5th lord is defeated has caused such situation. The 7th lord Kuja, occupying the 4th house with Rahu and aspecting the 7th house contemporaneously with Sani and occupying the 7th place from the Navamsa lagna made her a widow during her middle age. The second lord in the 5th house being combust made her dependent on her daughters-in-law and the sons.

It may be seen from this analysis that  on the face of it, the horoscope is not very strong. Because of the strong Adhi Yoga the native became the minister-even though she is not capable as such; and she was commanding very great political respect. Even though she is not holding any important position now she is respected by the local people and grass-root workers.

In any horoscope the 5th house and the 6th house occupied by benefic planets make the native’s social, economic and political life fairly very happy, decent and enviable. But if the 5th or the 6th house is occupied by two or more mutually inimical planets-as in this case where Sani and Surya are mutually inimical, they do not give complete happiness mark somewhere in the history of the native. It may be seen from the Navamsa chart also that the 7th place from the Navamsa lagna is occupied by strong Kuja aspected by Sani. Lagna being Vargottama and Yogakaraka Sani being Vargottama are two strong points in any horoscope to be reckoned with. But whenever there is contemporaneous aspect of Sani and Kuja on any house the significance of that house will be either destroyed or mutilated. If such aspect occurs both in the Rasi chart and in the Navamsa chart the outcome will be anybody’s guess.

The 2nd lord being combust did not give the native very high education but the 8th lord in the 6th house gave her a lot of courage, success and capacity to become a cabinet minister. It may be seen that in the Navamsa chart also Guru, Budha and Shukra are in the 7th, 8th and the 9th houses from Chandra. Such presence does not constitute any special Yoga by itself; but it is understood that this combination has added its own benefic rays on the good luck of the native.

In her case Gaja Kesari Yoga, Adhi Yoga and Utkrishta Raja Yoga have become Anubhava Yogas but these have manifested only during Guru Dasa, Guru and Sani Antar Dasas.

An astrologer should not be carried away by too many benefic Yogas alone in any horoscope. He should take the horoscope in its totality and then come to conclusions about one’s future-whether it be politics or social life or finance or family happiness. In other words an astrologer should not run to  hasty conclusions just by seeing one or two glorious things in any horoscope.

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