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Raja Yoga and Politics Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 2

In this horoscope the following points are worth noting:

(a) Budha, Guru and Shukra are in the 6th and the 7th places from Chandra causing a very strong Adhi Yoga.

(b) In this case Guru happens to be the 8th lord and the presence of the 8th lord in the 6th house causes Harsha Yoga. When Guru occupies the 6th house as the 8th lord or the 8th house as the 6th lord (this is for Tula Lagna or Vrishabha Lagna) it confers on the native Raja Yoga of the first order.

(c) The lady was born in Bharani Nakshatra. The lord of the lagna is no doubt debilitated, and is combust but it is ahead of Surya. Similarly, the lord of the 2nd and the 5th house though combust is also ahead of Surya. Neecha (debilitated) Shukra occupies the 5th house along with Surya but it is 6 degree ahead of Surya. In this horoscope all the 7 planets other than Rahu and Ketu) are in 4 houses namely the 12th house, the 4th house, the 5th house and the 6th house from the ascendant and in the 5th house, the 6th house and the 7th house from Chandra. Mandi occupies the 3rd house but it is not aspected by Guru. Kuja and Rahu occupy the 4th house very decently aspecting the 10th house which house is contemporaneously aspected by Guru.

In the Navamsa chart Guru occupies lagna Navamsa and Sani occupies vargottama Navamsa. The Sun is exalted in the 112th place from Navamsa lagna which it shares with Budha – Surya and Chandra are in Sama Saptma navamsas. The lord of the 7th Navamsa house, Kuja, is in its own Navamsa. Kuja is in shashtashtama with Shukra and in Argla with Chandra.

In the Bhava chart Sani and Guru occupy the 6th place or Satru Bhava, and Surya, Budha, Kuja and Shukra occupy the 5th place or Putra Bhava. As mentioned earlier Gaja Kesari Yoga is reasonably very strong in this case. Both Adhi Yoga and Gaja Kesari Yoga make the native equal to a ruler. Of the two Yoga Adhi Yoga is stronger. It is said that when Budha occupies Kanya Rasi and is ahead of Surya and when Budha, Shukra and Sani occupy any one Rasi which is the Trikona-Rasi or Kendra-Rasi the three planets make the native a ruler or equal to that. The 9th and the 10th lord Sani occupying the 5th place itself makes the native a ruler or equal to that. Now we explain the history of the native.

She was born in a Brahmin family which was traditionally a family of matured, reputed and respectable politicians. Her husband was a lawyer and she had been married when she was very young. But she lost her husband during her prime of life. Even tough she is not very much educated she was very active as a politician and was considered a favourite of the top politicians of her State.

She became a Deputy Minister during Guru Dasa, Guru Antar Dasa which was ruling from 1-7-72 to 18-8-74. She became a full-fledged Cabinet Minister when Sani Antar Dasa was ruling and she was holding a very important portfolio. She became indispensable due to political and tactical reasons. She earned huge money during that period and she became arrogant. She did not care even for her co-borns, mentors and well wishers. She was thrown out in the election in. Since then she has not been able to get any political position whatsoever; either as an MLA or as a Minister or as a Chairman, of any Corporation. She was even refused interview by Chief Minister. Her strong Raja Yoga operated only during Guru Antar Dasa and Sani Antar Dasa. Even though Budha is in the 5th house, owned by it, Budha threw her out from prestigious political position – since it is combust and since it is defeated in interplanetary war with Venus. She aspired to get a good political position during Venus period but she could not succeed inspite of top level influence. The reason is that Venus is combust and Venus is debilitated. Her Adhi Yoga did make her a minister, but since Budha and Shukra are in interplanetary war and since both are combust these could not give the native any political or social position thereafter.

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