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Neechabhanga Raja Yoga of Mars

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

In the hierarchy f planets Mars exerts his special influence upon the in habitants of the earth due to his proximity to the later. During his transit through the zodiac belt he starts from his own house in Aries (positive sign), attains debilitation (Neecha) in Cancer 28 degree, traverses to his own house in Scorpio (negative sign), moves to his exaltation (Uchha) Capricorn 28 degree. Similarly, other planets have their points of debilitation and exaltation. But Neechabhanga Raja Yoga of Mars is of paramount interest to astrologers because of its efficacy in transmitting its influence at an alarming rate to the native. Effort is made here to study this Yoga of Mars in all its relation with other planets.

Neechabhanga Raja Yoga

We shall study how Neechabhanga Raja Yoga forms. When a planet attains his debilitation point

(a) If the lord of that neecha house or the lord of its uncha house (7th from it) occupies Kendra position from Lagna or the Moon;

(b) If the lord of that neecha house occupies his house or exaltation or Kendra; and

(c) If the lord of that neecha house aspects the neecha planet, a person who is endowed with one of the foregoing three combinations will be highly respected and will be charitable minded. The effects of neecha position will be more pronounced when the native happens to pass through the neecha Dasa of that planet. Mars controls three asterisms, Mrigasira, Chitta and Dhanishta. If a person is born under any one of the above Nakshatras, according to the Vimshottari system he starts with mars Dasa followed by Dasaf of Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. Further, his natural friends the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter must also be well placed in the horoscope. That means from the position of Mars they must be either placed in upachayas or in trines or in Kendras. However, if they are lords of evil houses it is equally good if they occupy their evil positions, without broadcasating their evil effects to other good Bhavas. Similarly, if his natural enemies Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Rahu are in good positions, Mars will not be in a position to champion his cause as effectively as he otherwise would do. For studying marital aspects Mars-Venus axis has to be carefully examined.

House Effects

In brief, Mars in the 1st house indicates scars on body, irritable temperament and tactful but hot temper; in the 2nd house, industrious, short-tempered; strict, of unfinished education, perverted in arguments and agriculturist; in the 3rd house, good-natured, capable, wealthy, detrimental to brothers and sisters, unhappy wife or husband; in the 4th house, owning lands, vehicles, houses, sick mother, dislike for friendship; in the 5th house, inimical to children, wicked, petty-minded and trouble-monger; in the 6th house, lucky, famous, wealthy, libertine outlook toward sexual life, protection against ill-health; in the 7th house, inimical to wife or partner, disease in the private parts, public agitation against him, trouble from women and fighting nature; in the 8th house, inimical to wife or husband, partners’ life in threat subject to surgical operation of a serious character, suffering from heat, scapegoat; in the 9th house, pound, overbearing, not beautiful, wealthy, harsh, sensitive, invalid father; in the 10th house, dynamic personality, inexhaustible energy and drive, capable of great things, short-tempered, unthinking; in the 11th house, bad for mother, deceitful friends, joyous life and rich; in the 12th house, tyrant, forbidden acts, industrious, charitable, neither wife nor riches.

From the above indications it is clear that the position or Mars in the upachaya houses, in particular, the 3rd, the 6th and the 10th are good. Further, whenever friendly planets the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter pass through Cancer 28 degree wherein Mars has his debilitation in a horoscope where Mars is a Yogakaraka, good effects from these planets will be invariably felt. Again, of the three planets, Jupiter is in exaltation in Cancer 5 degree, where his friend Mars is in debilitation. But the Sun and the Moon, after passing through their exaltation in Aries 10 degree and in Taurus 3 degree are fast descending (Avarohana) to their debilitated positions at the same degrees in Libra and Scorpio respectively. A planet is more powerful when it is ascending (Arohana) to its exaltation. With flood-lighting the intricacies of a planet in a particular position, we may propound a general principle that whenever it attains digbala (double strength due to Bhava position and lordship) and even if his friend suffers a debilitation, that digbala acts as a cushion and gives rise to Neechabhanga Raja Yoga to the suffering planet.

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1 comment:

  1. This was a nice article.
    I have a query regarding this Neechabhanga Rajyoga.
    What about this condition ?

    The planet which is Neecha in Lagna chart,
    but positioned in own house or in a kendra
    or both (own house and Kendra) in Navamsha chart ?

    Is this just a neechabhanga or a neechabhanga raj yoga?


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