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Raja Yoga and Politics Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 1

It is wrong notion among astrologers that only those whose horoscopes have got numerous Raja Yogas are likely to become Governors, Ministers or equal to that. What is important is not the existence of many Yogas alone; but the Yogas themselves should be effective, the native should have luck to enjoy the benefits of the Yogas and, the last but not the least, the Yogas should manifest during appropriate ages. Above all, there should be no cancellation of Yogas or their effects. Furthermore, even if there are no Yogas but the horoscope is fairly very strong otherwise, the native will live a happy and prosperous life. In spite of many valuable Yogas being present. The native may not enjoy the fruits of the Yogas for long if the dasha periods are not favourable and if the transiting periods (Gochara) of major planets are not favourable when such important Yogas manifest. Again, the time must be favourable, the native should have or get divine blessings and he should strive to achieve the benefic or advantageous results of fairly strong and good Yogas.

For a person to become a Minister or equal to that or to become a Collector, Magistrate or Judge or Secretary or Commissioner the 6th house, the 10th house and the ascendant or the 6th house, the 4th house and the ascendant and the lords of these houses must be very strong. If one of them is weak or is in interplanetary war, combustion or debilitation-either in the Rasi chart or in the Navamsa chart-the native might no doubt become a minister or equal to that, but the person may not continue in that position for a long time. If, however, a very good Raja Yoga exists in a horoscope then political office or a high position is certain almost throughout one’s lifetime. In this context I wish to discuss one or two horoscopes for illustrating the point. As a prelude to that let me recapitulate certain astrological principles which make a person a King, Minister or equal to that.

1. A person having a strong Gaja Kesari Yoga, notwithstanding the sign or the house of occurrence of such Yoga in the horoscope, will become politically very important at some stage or other. If his 4th house and the 4th lord are strong he will attain these without much efforts. But if the 4th lord is weak he may have to put forth Herculean efforts. If the 4th lord obtains Neecha Navamsa he will always face lost-minute failures.

2. If the 10th house, the 9th lord and the planets aspecting the 10th house are strongly placed, the native is likely to become a Minister, King or equal to that. If the planets are in Aarohan the native will attain the positions during young or middle age. If the planets are in Avaroham then the good luck will come only during old age.

3. If the 6th house is occupied by a benefic and it creates a very strong Raja, Dhana or Gnana Yoga then the native is likely to become a Minister or equal to that. But if the 6th lord is placed in the 8th or the 12th house from the 6th house or from the Lagna, then the native will not be able to achieve any useful result.

4. Even if Mercury or Venus is combust it will confer Raja Yoga on the native provided Venus or Mercury  is ahead of Surya.

5. The aspect of Guru on the 10th house, the aspect of Mars (Kuja) on the 10th house or the aspect of the Yogakaraka on the 10th house makes the native a King or equal to that. These aspects or occurrences may or may not glorify one’s personal life but that is a different matter.

Here we are only concerned with political life or career of a native. In a horoscope where there is Adhi Yoga the native invariably rises to dizzling heights in career or politics especially during Guru Dasa or the Dasa of the lord which occupies the 7th house from Chandra – from among Mercury, Venus or Jupiter.

We now explain the horoscope: this is the horoscope of a lady born on 28-9-1923 at 22 degree 13’N/82 degree 12’E. She was born at about 21 hrs. 27 minutes.
*Sani, Surya, Budha, Sukra

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