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Rationale of Adhi Yoga Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  
Part 3

It would be equally erroneous if we consider, to hold (as held by the learned contributor) that in the case of Chandradhi Yoga, Maharishi Parasara requires that all the three benefic planets should occupy only one of the three stipulated houses (6th, 7th and 8th). The Sloka from Brihat Parasara quoted in the beginning of this article does not, to our mind, admit of this interpretation. Our view is that the intention of the father of Indian astrology is to refer to the individual position of the three benefics and not to their combined presence in one of the stipulated houses. And it seems to us, in company with so many others, that the Maharishi’s emphasis is on the benefic nature of the planets taking part in the said yoga rather than on the fact that a plurality of planet should be involved in a single house.

What then is the correct rationale that would explain the benefic results accruing from this wonderful yoga? The correct rationale to our mind would be to hold the second theory referred to above as valid. According to the second theory, what is of utmost importance is not the position as such of benefics in the stipulated houses, but the position as such of the Moon with reference to those benefics. The centre of our attention should be the Moon and the position of the benefics should be considered as subverting and helpful to the Moon. How? When any strong benefic planet is placed in the 7th from the Moon, it is quite clear that the aspect of that benefic would greatly benefit the Moon. The Moon being one of the three Lagnas (Lagna, Chandra Lagna and Surya Lagna), any strong benefic influence on the Moon will naturally enhance the Moon’s characteristics and traits as a Lagna, such nice traits for example, as health, wealth and power. So much for the benefic planet studied in the 7th from the Moon.

As regards the planets in the 6th and the 8th from the Moon, let us consider for a moment the fact that a planet in the 6th house throws its influence on the 12th house, while the one placed in the 8th house throws its influence on the 2nd house. We can thus easily see that in the event of the 6th and the 8th from the Moon being occupied by strong benefics, the houses adjoining the Moon would be under great benefic influence and thus the Moon would, thereby, be placed in between two strong benefics influences, as if the Moon has a Subhakartari.

Thus, the net result in the case of Chandradhi Yoga is that the Moon’s strength is boosted not only by the beneficial aspect he receives from the benefic planet placed in the 7th from him but also by the beneficial strength he gets by being surrounded by beneficial influences. The principle that the planets placed in the 6th and the 8th influence the house or planet etc., from which they are so placed is not our innovation. The principle is recognized by no less an authority than the grerat Varaha Mihir Acharya, who has stated in Sloka:-

Chakrasya poorvaparabhagageshu krooreshu soumyeshu cha keetalagne
Kshipram vinasam samupaihi jathaha papairvilagnasthamayabitascha.

He opined that early death is brought about, inter alia, by malefic occupying the two houses adjoining the Lagna and the 7th house. Obviously both the sets of planets would adversely affect the Lagna and thus bring about early death.

In the above discussion about Chandradhi Yoga, we have adversely qualified the benefics situated in the 6th, 7th and 8th houses from the Moon by the use of the adjective strong. This is in keeping with the spirit of Maharishi Parasara s also with the modus operandi of the second theory advocated by us for it is easily seen that stronger the beneficvs in the three stipulated houses, the stronger the Moon becomes and as such the better the results. This is the reason why the Maharishi has given the best result, viz., a kingship to the strongest position of the three benefics and the least good results, viz., generalship of the least strength of the benefics.

Since Mercury and Venus are also constituents of Chandradhi Yoga, and since there are many chances for these planets to be in close proximity with the Sun, they are apt to become weak by that proximity and thereby fail to throw adequate benefic influence on the Moon, thus detracting from the value of the yoga. To guard against a mis-judgement of the strength  of the Moon in such an event, it was but appropriate for subsequent authors like those of Saravali etc., to issue the warning that the stipulated beneficvs must not only be free from affliction by association or aspect, but must also be away from the Sun in order to give the best results of the yoga.

Such indeed is the importance in astrology of the Moon on which man is walking these days!

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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