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Professional Geologists – An Astrology Study Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 2

Generalisations which can b e observed for geological profession are that the earthy signs should be connected with the 10th Bhava or aspect or association of Saturn or Mars to the 10th Bhava, connection of Rahu to the 10th Bhava and the Sun with nominal strength. The Sun and/or Mars with strength in such horoscopes will give elevated positions of technical administration. Saturn should be strong. Otherwise one may not get to the highest rung of the ladder even though the Sun or Mars be strong.

The generalization is clear from the table given in the next page. A horoscope (I) changed from an educational institution to active survey during his Sani (Saturn) Dasas, Shukra (Venus) Bhukti, after that  he rose gradually to the highest office of the organization by the beginning of Ketu Dasa. Ketu in the 9th in Mithuna (Gemini) is noted to bestow `elevation to responsible and exalted position.’ Saturn in the 10th from Lagna and the Moon as Yogakaraka paved the way for changing the career to the active field especially during the Bhukti of Lagna lord. The Sun is exalted in Rasi but debilitated in Navamsa. Mars also aspects the 10th. He was the leader of an expedition, the only one of its type after the Independence, to the Andaman Isles which was dreaded by even the forces. Note that Sani in a Jala (watery) Rasi in the 10th helped the native in conducting the operations extremely successfully. However, the four-planet combination in the 7th from Lagna and the Moon has a salutary effect on the personality.

In horoscope II, Chandra Lagna (the natal Moon) with its lord is an earthy sign. He could only  have had an excellent education in geology in spite of a flare for Sanskrit as can be seen from the aspect of retrograde Jupiter on the house of education, indicating that his professional house (Kumhantya with Saturn, from Chandra Lagna is stronger than Lagna. The Sun is in debility in Navamsa.

In horoscope III, Lagna is in an earthy sign, for which Saturn in Yogakaraka. Chandra Lagna with Mars is powerfully aspected by Saturn. In spite of his efforts to have education in physics, having been given a seat in the university he  had to change over to geology.

Horoscope IV has Mars in Lagna with Rahu in the 10th. From Chandra Lagna the 10th is aspected by the Sun-Saturn combination. The native had an excellent geological education.

In horoscope V, four planets are in exaltation., viz., the Moon, the Sun, Venus and Saturn. The Moon is in an earthy sign. Mars is in the 10th from Chandra Lagna, of course, with Jupiter separated by about 12degree. He was elevated to a responsible position during Sani Dasa, Sani Bhukti.

In horoscope VI, Lagna is aspected by Saturn. Lagna is separated from Jupiter by about 19degree. Chandra Lagna does not have Rahu, theh latter being separated by about 22degree arc, but the 10th from Chandra Lagna is aspected by Mars. Saturn gains Digbala from Lagna.Although the native was interested in medicine he was circumstantially driven to geology. In the professional he commands power, during Sani Dasa Shukra Bhukti.

In the case of horoscope VII, the 10th from Lagna is an earthy sign, powerfully aspected by Saturn. From the Moon the 4th is occupied by Rahu. In Dasamsa, Lagna is Mesha (Aries) with the Moon, Mercury, and Ketu. Sani aspects the 10th from Dasamsa Lagna from the 8th house, i.e., Vrischika (Scorpio). Mars also aspects the 10th from Dasamsa Lagna.

Horoscope VIII  is interesting. The 10th from Lagna is an earthy sign with Jupiter aspected by Mars associated with the Sun in debility. The Moon is with Rahu, but separated by an arc of about 15degree. The 10th from the Moon is also aspected by Mars. The native was on the staff of a university but changed to active survey later. In Dasamsa, the 10th from the Ascendant is aspected by exalted Mars associated with Saturn.

Horoscope IX has the Moon in an earthy sign with the 10th house from the Moon having Mars. Chandra Lagna is the 10th from Lagna. Venus, the Moon and Saturn are exalted in horoscope X. Jupiter is in Lagna, in own house, but the Moon is an earthy sign with Mars. The native is geophysicist.

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