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Professional Geologists – An Astrology Study Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 1

According to Prof. B. V. Raman, the 10th Bhava represents occupation, ambition and energy, temporal honours and success, foreign travels, respect, means of livelihood, self-respect, religious knowledge and dignity. He has expounded the results of various planets in the 10th house in the text Hindu Predictive Astrology. On the basis of available principles of astrology one can divine one’s means of livelihood but with certain reservations, for in the present civilization there are innumerable means of livelihood and to pinpoint a specific means is rather difficult. The astrological rules are also very complex in that the specific means of 10th Bhava, its strength and aspects received, its Paka Dasa and Bhukti, its disposition in Dasamsa chart, and if therer is more than one planet the strongest therein or the strongest planet in the horoscope, etc. Indeed with the varied strength and nature of various Bhavas and numerous planetary dispositions, it is perhaps possible to account for various means of livelihood and a clear interpretation of jobs demands the best of analytical skill in an astrologer.

The profession of geology is only a couple of centuries old and part of the work live water-divining, predicting earthquakes, examination of the ground and materials of the earth were in part used to be the work of an astrologer or germnologist and other persons, well versed in such. But a scientific study of the earth is comparatively recent though human civilization knew mining and winning some metals and precious stones from the bowels of the earth.

What are the indications in a horoscope which suggest a professional geologist? Whether one can undertake geological work in private capacity to support one’s life or one will have to enter service under government or some company, is the profession of geology the best for the horoscope, etc., are more difficult to answer on a cursory examination of horoscope. If one has to achieve the purpose of leading the life of a professional geologist, whether his educational field permits it, the scope of such an achievement and whether it is the least strainful job that can be recommended to the horoscope, etc., further complicate the problem. Perhaps part of the solution lies in studying some of the horoscopes of professional geologists.

If a professional geologist is asked the question why he selected this profession, the answer may  be that he felt geology was an easy subject for study or he was forced to study geology since he felt that mathematics was difficult for him or circumstances forced him to pursue the subject, etc. The answers may be common for some countries while it may not be so throughout the world. Also ignorance that subject like geology did require little or no mathematics to expound, due to the established curriculum of various educational organizations, is not correct. These things reveal the mind of professional geologists. A geologist is given too much hardship, adventurous nature and good deal of tolerance, irrespective of the persons;’ employment. Though the present-day facilities have made the job much easier, to  be a professional geologist a person should possess these and other qualities to be true to the profession, since he is the first person to set his foot on any land to decide its utility. But that is not the only type of work in the profession. Professional geologist may be on the teaching staff of a university, an adviser on lands, a dealer in similar literature, an editor of magazines connected with the earth sciences, etc., in which case the hardships experienced by the person may be different. Owners of landed property and mines need not necessarily have a knowledge of geology and/or mining. Similarly, educationally directed professional geologists in service may not own lands or mines. Also under large organizations dealing with earth, one may be a student of applied geochemistry, geophysics, etc., where, even though they are trained in particular physical sciences they are to do with the applied fields in service. Even amongst professional geologists in service one may spend much time in a particular branch like investigation of particular minerals, fossils, groundwater, civil engineering adviser, laboratory studies, etc. The field is very vast but certain fundamental aspects run common through horoscopes.

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