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Astrology and Means of Livelihood Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 1

Varaha Mihira in Brihat Jataka, Adh. I. Sl. 3 Says - `Karmarjitham purva bhave sadadi yad tasya panktim samabhi Vyananakti – meaning that the horoscope is an indicator of our past good and bad deeds at our credit and as to how we are going to work out the interplay thereof.

The seers of astrology who composed treatises on the science, thousands of years ago when life was free from fashionable fever of hectic nights and haggards days, have not evidently thought of medley of jobs in the modern civilized world. Excessive materialistic activity of scientific ingenuity and advanced technology and a hundred and odd economic, social and political superstructures of life have exposed myriad openings for employment. Complexity of professions is assuming a more and more bewildering nature. To indicate exact means of livelihood, though the horoscope depends upon blending of the influences of planets, signs and houses and there too it would be very difficult to predict with exactitude. We may say a man would be an engineer, but whether a civil, mechanical, electrical, mining or textile engineer will depend upon the planet who has the greatest influence in livelihood. Another question that poses itself is whether a person would have the same source of livelihood throughout his life. Many persons start their career in service and later do well in their own business. Further, in finding means of livelihood, can we make a distinction between salary and pension? Many retired servants enter business but most of them either enter private service or live on pension and savings or rent on buildings they own or have built. It is very difficult to analyses all factors carefully and predict the tendencies governing one’s livelihood. Like any other sciences, astrology too has its own limitations. We have to realize it and it is the duty of those deeply interested in the science to increase its utility to society by earnest research and selfless efforts.

Let us study and analyse the principles of deduction of the means of livelihood of a native from his horoscope as enunciated by great Acharyas of yore. In the matter of astrologically judging and determining different mundane houses are allotted to the different needs of Kalapurusha or the individual. There is one house for wealth, another for patrimony, the other for income, etc. There is one house, Karma viz. the 10th (midheaven). Karma is very broad term. Karma means the sum total of the good and bad deeds at our credit when we are born on this planet. Livelihood or avocation is only one facet of the term karma. Karma is not merely avocation but is a comprehensive term.

The twelve houses indicate different activities in the world. A professional means of earning a livelihood may be determined by the houses and planets which are prominent in a horoscope. If the 1st is strong, the native will earn by his personal efforts. If the 2nd is strong articles of food or speech would play a prominent part. The 3rd determines courage, brothers, heroic valour, communication, writing, short travel, etc. If the 3rd is strong and has connection with the 10th, the person may earn through writings and short travel. He may run a big business, may serve in army. If the 10th lord is connected with the 4th house and indications are strong, the person may get income from house or motor vehicle. The 5th has reference to learning, counsel, speculation, and games of chance. The harmonious dispositions of the 10th and the 5th indicate earnings through above means. The 6th represents sickness or diseases, if the 6th houses is connected to the 10th and the horoscope indicates medical studies the person may be a doctor by profession. The 7th indicates partner, husband or wife, travel etc. If the 7th and the 10th are harmoniously disposed – blending their effects together – the person may be benefited from a partnership. The 8th indicates legacy, imports, exports etc. When the 8th and the 10th lords are connected the person may earn through foreign business or from property got through legacy. The 9th indications would be connected with the foreigners’ foreign lands, law, religion etc. The connection between the 9th and the 10th may bring earnings through practice of law or the person may become religious head or may earn through teaching or preaching. The 10th house is the house of profession and the nature of profession is indicated by the 10th lord and by the nature of planets or planets occupying or aspecting it. The 11th is the house of gain or income and planets occupying or aspecting the house would bring money according to the planets occupying or aspecting it. The 12th is connected with places of confinement and distant lands. If Saturnine qualities predominate the 10th and of the 12th is connected thereto, the person may be a jailor. When the planets connected with giving income to person i.e. deciding hi livelihood occupy the houses (from the 1st to the 12th Bhava) the results got modified according to the actual house occupied.

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