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Combination Or Yogas Part 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 5

Important Points to Remember

The readers should remember the following important points while interpreting Yogas:

(1) If the planet involved in Raja Yogas or Dhana Yogas extremely weak and afflicted its results will not be felt and the native will only experience adversities.

(2) A planet if in a bad Yoga but strongly placed for example in exalted Navamsa aspected by benefics it will give good results.

(3) The Yogas should be reckoned in Dasamsa also when studying the horoscope for the native’s career.

Success in Business

 To see whether the  native will be successful in business study the following houses:

(i) Second House because it is the house of wealth.

(ii) Fifth house because it is the house of gains from investments and risk taking.

(iii) Tenth house because it is concerned with the native’s career and status.

(iv) Eleventh house because it shows income and gains.

(v) Ninth house because it is the house of fortune and luck.
The above houses should be strong and well placed. Only then should a person think of Venturing into own business.


Transits are to be studied both from the Moon sign and the ascendant. While studying transit from the ascendant, remember the following points:

(1) See the transits in the same manner as planets in their natal position are studied. The planets transiting 6, 8 or 12 become weak.

(2) Give special attention to the transits of major and sub-period lord. If they transit 6, 8 or 12 or their debilitation sign or are combust in transit adverse results are experienced.

(3) Transit of Jupiter over natal position of a planet is good. Jupiter if in transit aspects the natal position of major lord or sub period lord gives beneficial results.

(4) Jupiter activates the sign it transits. It also activates a Raja Yoga or Dhana Yogas when it aspects in transit. This will be so even if the Dasa of the concerned planets is not in operation.

(5) Saturn when transiting over natal position of a planet gives misfortunes. Its aspect is also bad. Saturn transiting in the 7th from or over natal Sun causes unfortunate developments in a native’s career. Operating sub period lord decides whether the native will overcome these adversities or not.

(6) Benefics transiting over natal position of Dasa lord do good and malefic cause difficulties.

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