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Luck and Prosperity Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 1

In this world the average man has more than a fair share of iniquities and injustices, trials and tribulations, set-backs, and failures. Talented and deserving persons struggle to make both ends meet while fortune favours more often than not mediocrity. Thinking man takes solace in the teachings of Brihadaranyaka Upanishad that, man reaps what he sows.

The rationale of the divine science of astrology is also founded on these teachings of the Rishis. Prasna Marga, the great astrological classic of Kerala, states in the opening chapter that the planets in birth chart indicates that what we experience in this life – whether we enjoy or suffer – is the result of our Karma done in previous lives. In another Sloka Prasna Marga teaches that “the balance of good and bad Karma that we bring forward from our previous births is called Prarabda, and it is the delineation of Prarabda that is the domain of astrology”.

Thus astrology provides the clue to the nature of the results of a person’s Karma one in past lives and the manner in which it is likely to manifest in the present life.

The decisively significant factor that showers prosperity on a chosen few and leaves the rest in the cold is Poorvapunya or Bhagya or luck. In fact it is this elusive element that determines whether one’s is a life of success or failure, happiness or misery, prosperity or poverty, etc.

According to Phaldeepika, it is from the 9th Bhava that a person’s past life is to be investigated.

Saravali the classic of Kalyana Varma in the chapter on “Bhagya Bhava Chinta” Stresses the importance of examining the Bhagya Bhava even to the exclusion of the Ascendant and other Bhavas, for without Bhagya one counts for nothing.

In a horoscope Bhagya or Luck is divined through the 9th Bhava, which is called Bhagya-Sthana or Poorvapunya Sthana. It is also known as Dharma Sthana. It is the more important Trine than the 5th Bhava, and is considered very auspicious being Lakshmi-Sthana, according to Maharishi Parasara.

Other more important significations of the 9th Bhava are father, preceptor, righteousness, good conduct, tapas, religion, spirituality, merit, grand children and foreign travel.

For a person to be really lucky and fortunate the 9th Bhava in his birth chart should be strong and tenanted and aspected by natural benefics or by the lord of the 9th Bhava or the lord of the Ascendant. The lord of the 9th Bhava should be equally well placed avoiding the Dusthanas, and should be endowed with strength (Shadbala). Besides these Jupiter, the planet of grace, who combines in himself the Karakatwas of such important Bhavas as the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th should be well placed and strong (Shadbala), as also the all-important Lord of the Ascendant.

More specifically, the lord of the 9th Bhava endowed with strength and occupying a quadrant (Kendra) or Trine (Kona) or the 11th Bhava in conjunction with benefics planets, and similarly the 9th Bhava occupied by a natural and functional benefic planet and not influenced by malefic is an asset in a horoscope. This would enable the person to earn immense wealth and enjoy the blessings of prosperity and good fortune in ample measure.

Conversely, the lord of the 9th Bhava occupying the 6th Bhava and aspected by an inimical planet or a depressed planet makes the person unlucky. Similarly, the 9th lord in debility or occupying a malefic Shashtiamsa also is an indication of ill-luck.

According to Prasna Marga, occupation of the 9th Bhava by benefic planets results in blessings from the preceptor, happiness from the parents, mental happiness, God’s grace, increase of fortune, and luck, disposition to virtuous and Dharmic deeds, increased Tapas and happiness to and from grandchildren. On the other hand malefic planets in the 9th Bhava causes ill-health to preceptor, parents and grand-children, ill-luck and misfortune, dis-inclination to Dharmic deeds, uncharitable disposition and absence of God’s grade.

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