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Luck and Prosperity Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 2

Astrological classics give quite a few combinations (Yogas) involving the 9th Bhava and the 9th lord indicative of luck and prosperity.

According to Jataka Parijata, the lord of the 9th Bhava occupying a quadrant (Kendra) or a Trine (Kona) in strength and the Ascendant aspected by its lord indicates good fortune. Added to these if the lord of the 9th Bhava or his dispositor (i.e. the lord of the sign occupied by the 9th lord) and the lord of the Ascendant occupy their exaltation or own signs, the Yoga bestows great and lasting happiness.

While studying the 9th Bhava, or for that matter, any Bhava, it is essential to keep in view the Ascendant, for it is a well recognized principle of astrology that the results of Bhavas as have any relationship with the Ascendant or its lord by way of aspect, occupation, Kendra disposition etc. would be surely experienced.

It is also necessary while examining the 9th Bhava signifying Bhagya not to overlook the 5th Bhava, for on the principle of `Bhavat Bhava’ the 9th from the 9th Bhava is the 5th Bhava. Hence both these Bhavas signify Poorvapunya, which manifests in this life as Bhagya. Further even Dusthana lords are said to lose their malefic effects, when they are in conjunction with the lord of the 5th Bhava – such is the benefic nature of the 5th lord.

The combination of these two lords of Konas with the lord of the Ascendant in a Kendra other than the 7th is a high Raja Yoga, which in the modern context would mean exercise of political or administrative powers. Such a combination even in the 7th Bhava can mean fortune through partner-in-life.
Mutual exchange of the lords of the 5th and the 9th Bhavas is a Raja Yoga, which would confer political or ruling powers.

Saravali says that the full Moon, Jupiter, Venus or Mercury endowed with strength (Shadbala) alone or in conjunction occupying the 9th Bhava confers on the person prosperity, good longevity and even ruling powers. Even a malefic planets in the 9th house, if it happens to be its own or Moolathrikona sign and is aspected by benefics makes the person virtuous.

For that matter, any of the seven planets, when exalted in the 9th Bhava blesses the person with wealth, prosperity and virtue; and if the exalted planet occupying the 9th Bhava has the aspect of a strong benefic planet, the potency of the yoga is greatly enhanced.

The lord of the Ascendant, whether a benefic or malefic, occupying the 9th Bhava is also auspicious and highly beneficial.

According to Phaladeepika, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the Moon endowed with strength occupying the 9th Bhava in conjunction with or aspected by a friendly planet generates a Raja Yoga, and the person having this yoga will be an object of veneration and worship by the masses.

The 9th Bhava and or its lord figure conspicuously in such auspicious Yogas as Bhagya Yoga, Lakshmi Yoga, Dhatrutwa Yoga, Dharma-Karmadhipa Yoga, Srimathi Yoga, to mention only a few.

When the 9th Bhava is aspected by a strong benefic planet from the Ascendant, the 3rd or the 5th, bhagya Yoga arises, which confers on the person good fortune and great wealth. (It will be observed that Jupiter, the greatest benefic alone will be able to aspect the 9th from the Ascendant and the 5th Bhava, while all benefic planets can aspect the 9th from the 3rd Bhava).

The lord of the 9th Bhava occupying his own or exaltation sign identical with a quadrant (Kendra) or Trine (Kona) and the lord of the Ascendant also endowed with strength generates Lakshmi Yoga. This auspicious learning, renown, handsome appearance and all the comforts of life.

When the exalted lord of the 9th Bhava is aspected by a benefic planet and the 9th Bhava is tenanted by a benefic planet, Dhatritwa Yoga arises. This Yoga makes the person munificent and generous with his wealth.

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