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Fate and Freewill Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal      
Part 2

The time of birth is the co-ordinating point at which the Fate links itself with the planetary system. Although the planets by themselves do not bring human destiny, they indicate as to what the destiny holds and the sequence in which the events would follow. Hindu astrology analyses and interprets the consequences of Fate or Destiny, by study of the planetary position at the time of birth as well as the transitory influences.

As an analogy, Fate or Destiny could be compar5ed to a delayed action detonation. If the time-control” could be compared to the past action of man, the detonation indicates the result offered by destiny.
Man is entirely free to act and his movements are in no way restricted by the existence of time-device. Fate has no control over the activities of man nor does it hinder his actions. If the scope for action is limited, it is because of the circumstances in which he is placed and also due to his weaknesses. Consequently, there is precious little a man can do in spite of freedom enjoyed by him and the advantage of foreknowledge of the coming event. For instance, he cannot possibly reach the time-control unit and disengage the trigger. Man cannot influence the planetary movements. In life also, man cannot run away from his environment.

Under the circumstances, any action man may take will have to be, by necessity, defensive in nature. Being forewarned, he may remain alert at least and try to keep away and succeed or at least avoid what otherwise would be a fatal hit. Persons of great spiritual development are successful in this regard. In the ordinary man, freewill is not very strong with the result, he will have to resort to other protective measures.

In Hindu astrology, this aspect has been dealt with under Remedial Astrology, in great detail. It prescribes remedial measures to suit specific types of effects to be warded off, and also defines the conditions under which it would be effective. Indiscriminate recourse to such remedial measures are, however, likely to cause more harm than good. It would have the same effect as using a glass shield in lieu of crushproof glass shield prescribed, due to ignorance of the difference between the two. Therefore, any remedial measures should be taken under the guidance of a learned and experience astrologer only.

Knowledge of astrology reveals to the man, the strength and composition of Fate, makes him realize that it is inevitable and prepares him to face it with patience, guides him in taking protective measures, prompts him to use his freewill wisely and modify the future and thus make this life purposeful. 253.

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