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Astrology and Means of Livelihood Part 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 6

If Navamsa sign belongs to Jupiter, one earns by becoming an instructor, religious authority, priest, moralist, philosopher and the like. Here comes judges, scholars, senators, clergyman and bankers. If it belongs to Venus, the earnings are related to gold, fancy goods, women, hotel, restaurants, jewelers, musicians, painters and the like. If the sign belongs to Saturn, one earns by hard labour or manual working, like grave diggers, undertakers, brick layers, miners, coolies, porters, helpers etc.

Astrologically the 10th house is the most important point as it indicates ones means of livelihood. It is perhaps the culminating point. It has been noticed in practice that the most powerful planet in the horoscope will also command considerable influence in moulding one’s profession. Before judging the livelihood it is very essential to ascertain the mental, intellectual and physical abilities of the person by a careful examination of the strength or weaknesses of the Sun the Moon, Mars, the ascendant and its lord, respectively.

An airy sign indicates mental powers, planning and oratory ability. A fiery sign suggests force of character, ability, self aggressiveness, dangerous pursuits, surgery etc. An earthly sign gives patience, practical ability, business interests, prudence and planning for material welfare.
In a horoscope, there may be blends of different planetary influences. A doctor may be an inventor or a carpenter may be a good singer. These primary but important factors require careful attention while attempting to decide one’s profession.

Jaimini Sutras state that the planet posited in the Navamsa sign of the Atmakaraka points out the profession of the native. The author of Uttarakalamrita advises us that the professional incline and job opportunities are to be judged also from the Dwadasamsa of Atmakaraka.

According to Maharshi Parashar the success and gain of money depend entirely on one’s Poorvakarma or good luck. A careful study of the 9th house from the ascendant and the Moon and of their lords in respect of gain of money will throw a flood of light on the means of one’s livelihood.

Astrology is not the science of wealth. But it is capable of predicting the extent of a person’s wealth (judged from the 2nd house of his birth chart), source of his earning (from the 10th house), and the fluctuations or flow of his income (from the 11th house). A native’s means of livelihood can, therefore, be determined from the 10th house in his birth chart. The 10th house marks the Mid-heaven, and it is also indicative of professional prospects. The basic factor that plays an important part in judging a native’s means of livelihood is an integral probe into his 10th house (from the Lagna or the Moon or the Sun, whichever is most powerful). This integral probe takes into account the 10th house, its lord the sign occupying the 10th house, the planet or planets placed in the 10th house, the Navamsa position of the lord of the 10th, and the relation of planets causing Raja Yogas to the 10th house or its lord.

The placement of a specific planet in the 10th house and a study of its ruler and the planet aspecting it helps in determining a native’s means of livelihood. Broadly speaking, different planets, considered in this way, give different clues to the source of earning:

The Moon refers to arts, crafts textiles, horse-racing, contracts, mercantile activities, navy, nursing orchards, liquids, hotel-keeping, petrol oil companies.

The Sun suggests earning through merchandise, dealing in foodstuffs, administrative post, good inheritance, auditing, accountancy, drugs and chemicals, woollen mills.

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