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Astrology and Means of Livelihood Part 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 7

Mars indicates engineering, soldiering, liquor, hunting animal-training in circus, armed services, ambassador, collector, electrical engineering, atomic energy, postal services, match factory, kerosene oil, ammunition depots.

Mercury denotes salesmanship, writing arts, teaching, preaching, public-speaking, weaving, selling of cloth, buying and selling, journalism, printing book-trade.
Jupiter points to commerce, trade, priest-crafts astrology, religious organizations, spirituality, executive posts, research guidance.

Venus refers to artistic and musical pursuits, dance and acting, writing of poetry, dealing in gold, silver and gems, bars, fineries.

Saturn indicates farming, medical service, insurance agency, cooperative business, Panchayats, community development works, pharmaceutical works, cattle-breeding black-mailing, hardware and labour.

Rahu indicates radio, circus, space-travel and spiritual healing.

Kethu refers to foreign trade, secret sciences, clairvoyance, mesmerism, palmistry.

It requires subtle skill on the part of an astrologer to determine one’s source of livelihood from a study of the 10th house. Mere study of planets posited therein is not enough. Its relation to the planet aspecting it or to the Dasa-lord is also essential. I have noticed after studying several birth charts that the following combinations by aspect or by conjunction related to the 10th house give rise to specific means of livelihood.

Mercury and the Sun: Executive post, mercantile activities, export and import business.

Mercury and Saturn: Brokerage, postal service.

Mercury and Venus: Writing of poetry, screen-play dramas.

Mercury and the Moon: Cinema, exhibition.

Mercury and Saturn: Buffoonery, cartoon-drawing, automobile driving.

Mercury and Mars: Service in telephone exchange, printing, drugs, surgery.

Mercury and Jupiter: Research, religious and philosophical writings.

Jupiter and the Sun: Religions organizations.

Jupiter and Saturn: Occultism, hypnotism, clairvoyance.

Jupiter and Mercury: Technology, ministership.

Jupiter and the Moon: Authorship, journalism.

Venus and the Moon: Shipping agency, hotel-keeping, sale of wine, scents, cosmetics and fancy goods.

Venus and Mercury: Music teaching.

Venus and Saturn: Sale of betel leaves, soap, musical instruments.

Venus and Mars: Prostitution.

Saturn and Mars: Robbery, dacoity, automobile driving.

The Moon and Rahu: Air-hostessing.

Mars and Rahu: Space-travel and space science.

Mercury and Rahu: Radio-station.

Venus and Rahu: Radio-artist.

Saturn and Rahu: Circus.

These combinations get modified according to the benefic aspects they receive.

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