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Astrology and Means of Livelihood Part 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 5

The sign in which the 10th  lord is posited is Jeeva sign and its lord is Jeeva for Karma Bhava. The sign in which the 7th lord is posited is Sareera sign and its lord is Sareera for karma Bhava. If Jeeva and Sareera are found strong and both are beneficvs and friends and Jeeva and Sareera sign also happen to be Kendra, kona, the 2nd or the 11th from Lagna, Karma Bhava will flourish.

Parasara Hora stipulates that Dasamsa chart is to be examined for judging about a person’s livelihood.
The nature of a native’s profession may be indicated with some accuracy by Ashtakavarga of Saturn, the dots of different planets falling in the 10th counted from Saturn’s signs are to be noted. Dots contributed by combust: debilitated and weak planets are to be ignored. Dots contributed by other planets in the 10th from Saturn give a clue by the native’s job. If there are two or more dots contributed by two or more planets, the nature of job (or jobs) may partake the characteristics of the significators.

Bhagavat Gita declares: “Deep is the mystery of Karma”; but deeper do we feel are the ways of destiny or fate, the end-product of our life based on Karma (action and reaction). Life is underlined by activity. None in this life can stop activity even for a moment. Every action has its own reaction. By thoughts and actions, man is generating Karma every moment of his life and he remains a slave of the law of nature.

For an astrologer, the most difficult and at the same time most important job is the determination of one’s exact means of livelihood. In this modern complex world, the number of avocations is so vast that it seems practically impossible to determine with reasonable precision the nature of one’s livelihood. But a real and devoted astrologer can develop a formula by following certain norms and assumptions which will hand down certain near accurate results.

Mantreshwara, in Phaladeepika, states that one can predict the source, mode and period of acquisition of money from a correct interpretation of the ascendant or the signs occupied by the Sun or the Moon whichever is stronger. Then find out the planet located in the 10th house from these and the Navamsa sign occupied by the Lord of the respective Bhavas. The Sun refers to the father, the Moon to the mother, Mars to the co-borns and the foe, Mercury to friends, Jupiter to elders and mentors, Venus to the wife and, Saturn to the low class friends for the servants.

Jataka Parijata is equally helpful in the determination of the source of one’s income. There we find: “From the 10th house you can ascertain a person’s authority, rank, ornaments, dress, activities, agriculture, renunciation, religious activities, means of livelihood and fame.” Naturally the profession depends on one’s education, his mental make-up, ability, capacity, capability, resources, potentials and such other factors. Jataka Parijata declares that one must find out whether the ascendant is strong or the moon; i.e. it gives lesser importance to the Sun. Then note the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 10th reckoned from the stronger one. If that sign belongs to the Sun, one deals in medicine, wool, grass, water, grain, gold and pearls and he may become a mediator (Judge) or an Ambassador. If it is the Moon, one lives through thing derived from water, by agriculture, clay, clothes, marriages, sailors, navigators, fisherman, boatman, nurses and others. If it is Mars, then we refer to metallurgy, war, fire-control, stealing, adventure and quarrels with others. Military jobs, doctors, chemists, butchers, executioners, engine drivers and all those working with iron, steel or fire, are perhaps covered here. If it is Mercury, one pursues arts, poetry, traditional profession, priesthood, writing, astronomy, astrology and scriptures. Literary authors, translators, scientists, writers, accountants, teachers, mathematicians, law-years, book-sellers, printers and postman also come under the planet.

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