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Astrology and Means of Livelihood Part 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 4

Jupiter is a planet of expansion. All professions which are dignified and which require a good judgement, can be attributed to him. He governs principally banks, treasuries, income tax or revenue department, charitable or educational institutions, lawyers, editors, teachers, councilors, judges, priests, senators, bishops, ministers.

Venus is a planet of pleasure. Venus governs Dramatists, artists, wealth and perfumers, weavers, car-dealers, jewelers etc. are governed by him. Venus governs wealth and hence income tax, wealth tax and other venues are all governed by him provided there is a connection with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu to indicate dealers in gold, precious stones, elephant or horses, cows, hotel-keepers, confectioners, linen drapers, scent-dealers, players, maid servants. Etc.

Saturn is a planet of obstruction. He also governs service, misery, oil etc. The person will be engaged in a job connected with engravings on wood, stone work execution, porterage, scavengers, shoe making, garden work, brick masons, digging pits, oil etc. It has been observed that he influences service under government especially or under foreign influence. He also governs jobs connected with punishment. Saturn gives one leadership in labour organizations, trade-unions, service under various capacities, expert in work and extracting work from others.
Rahu is a planet of eccentricity. The erratic or cruel deeds re attributed to him. But he is well disposed occupying the houses of benefics, especially Mercury, he produces good researchers, scholars, lawyers, speculators, etc.

Ketu governs secret service, cunning or tricky jobs etc.

A more accurate picture of the particular avocation can be obtained by an examination of the nature of the sign, in which the 10th falls. That sill show the line of greatest success and natural aptitude.
The fiery signs-Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – indicate employment connected with fire, iron and metals, metallurgy, extraction of ores, utilizing electric energy, industrial concerns, surgeons, military equipment etc.

The earthly signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn-shows manual labour, digging and excavation, agricultural pursuit, food and corn dealers, dealers in the produce of the soil in the various forms and kinds.

The airy signs-Gemini, Libra and Aquarius show intellectual pursuits, head-work literary and artistic occupations.

The watery sign – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces show occupations in which water is the motive power or chief element, dealers in soft drinks, textile goods, and fabrics, sailors, chemists etc.

We have four significators (Karakas) for Karmabhava: - Jeeva bhanugnya manda’ – (Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn) as prescribed by our ancient Acharyas. The intellectual class represented by Jupiter, the ruling class represented by the Sun, the mercantile class represented by Mercury and the serving class represented by Saturn. Unless the particular indicator (Karka) is strong and not rendered weak, he will not be able to do so. For example, if the 10th house has no connection with Jupiter and as also lord or if Jupiter is not strong and well placed, religious nature etc. will be totally absent. If the Sun is weak or debilitated (without neechabhanga) one cannot have high dignity and royal position. When Mercury is weak or he has got no connection with the 10th one cannot have business acumen and diplomatic reasoning, When Saturn is weak and unconnected with the 10th one cannot be expert in work. A methodical scrutiny of the 10th Bhava, Bhava lord and Karaka planets will reveal the realistic result of Karma Bhava. When the 10th lord is well placed in Kendra, kona, the 2nd or the 11th from the Lagna as well as from Karma Bhava and Karaka planets are similarly placed and the well dignified, the native will be well established in professional career.

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