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Astrology and Means of Livelihood Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 3

Similarly, it has to be remembered that the 10th being the house of creation, action and the 5th that of creativity, the potential for action, the 6th-8th relationship between the two is meaningful. One cannot smoothly act unless the conditions necessary for the same are present. The 10th is an impediment for the 5th because it is located 6th from it; obviously the urge cannot have an easy go if the 10th house is not strong enough to meet the challenge of the 5th.

Uttarakalamrita, khanda V. Sl. 1 attributes livelihood as on of the factors governed by the 1st house. This is understandable as the 1st house denotes the natural and personal traits. The nature of profession, a person follows is determined by the nature of the planets influencing the lagna-factor i.e. the lagna and chandralagna and their lords. Saravali Adh. 22. Sl. 12, says - `When the Sun is located in any sign of Venus (Taurus and Libra) and is aspected by the Moon the man is fond of prostitutes, he supports, many women and lives by watery-vocation.’ (Note – it would be observed that there is not the remotest reference to the 10th house in the Sloka and yet it is very clearly stated the profession is one of by watery vocation - `Saliajeevi’). Jataka Parijata. Adh. II. Sl. 56 says - `The house in which the lords of the Lagna and the 2nd house are located indicates the source of one’s livelihood.’ Brihat Parasara Hora-Purbakhanda-Karkamas Graha – Phaldhyaya-Adh. I. Sis 22-30 deals with the livelihood-result of various planets in Karkamsa. Since Karkamsa is in the nature of Lagna, it is clear that Lagna is relevant to the question of determining profession.

Kendras are theh pillars of the horoscope. Kendras reveal what are within and they get expression and manifestation through konas. The 10th Kendra has two konas viz. the 2nd and the 6th. Hence what is within the 10th gets manifested through the 2nd and 6th. Planets occupying the 2nd and the 6th will express the 10th. So the planets in the 2nd and 6th give the clue what will be the a vocation of the native. If there is no planet in the 2nd and the 6th then the lords of the two houses will mould the avocation. Thus we see all the twelve houses of the zodiac have some contribution in moulding the avocation. Mid heaven (i.e. the 10th house) manifests, not the characteristics of one sign alone but also the modifying characteristics of the other eleven signs all tending to make the 10th what it is. 

There is no separation in the unity of the zodiac. It is an endless circle which cannot be broken.

To decide the nature of profession and livelihood, the key-qualities of the planet or planets influencing the 10th will help us to arrive at a facile judgement.

Beside other significations the Sun is a creator, promoter, owner, manager and physician. He also rules government, brokerage or commission. When the planet that proves to be the deciding factor as regards a person’s livelihood, happens to be the Sun the person may get rulership of a country, land, province, district, etc., royal positions and dignities, service under the Government, administrator, a maintainer or law and order enforcement of commands. He may be engaged in medicine, doing mediatory work or highly authoritative jobs in Forest Department, Municipal Corporation etc.

The moon is planet of fecundity and rules liquids, mind, mental work, unsteadiness, movements changes, salt, seas, etc. If the Moon is deciding the profession then the person’s job will have something to do with the following factors: Shell, pearls, Salt, agriculture, ships, fish, hospitals, service to women (women welfare), holy shrines, maternal property, etc. He may be a sailor, mariner, navigator, fisherman, boatman, dealer-in-pearls, or one working in pearl-fisher, mid-wife, nurse etc.

Mars is a planet of action and rules profession involving rudeness or cruelty, engineering works, fire, lands and daring operations. Callings involving instruments, armaments & tools & department like police, military and medical. The person’s will be connected with military preparations, doctor (Surgeon), chemist, butchery, metallurgy-generally all works in iron, steel of firer.

Mercury is a planet of reasoning or education. Governs merchandise, and profession like clerks, accountants, auditors, copyists, teachers, authors, translators, postmen, messengers, astronomers, mathematician, publishers, printers, etc. are due to the influence of Mercury.

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