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The Second House is a Most Powerful Intellectual House

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The second house is said to be a highly powerful intellectual house. If two or three creative planets like the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Ketu, Jupiter, Moon or simply Jupiter and Venus are placed in the second house and in Gemini or Aquarius in a natal chart, it confers great genius and the native shines as a great poet, novelist, dramatist, or study writer as in the cases of Rabindra Nath Tagore, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Sarat Chandra Chatterjee, etc.

The voice or speech which is ruled by the second house is said to be the seat of all sorts of creative or spiritual activities. God spoke and thus created this world. Jesus Christ saved life of many dead persons simply by a loud voice like saying `Arise’ or `Awake’. Gregory Rusputin, a Russian saint used to heal his patients by loud prayers. Magicians perform great magical feats simply by the power of their speech or loud voice. They usually keep the audience spell-bound simply by the power of their speech. A good debater can easily rise to the top. Great politicians rise to the great political heights simply by their great oratorical powers.

The Bhagvad Gita was composed by the spoken words of Lord Krishna to the third Pandava Arjun in the Kurukshetra battle-field. Shri Ramakrishna simply spoke to Mahendra Gupta and thus created the great immortal classic? `Shri Shri Ramakrishna Katha-Mrita’ which illuminated millions of people all over the world. Thus voice or speech is the seat of all sorts of creative or spiritual activities. As the second house rules over the voice or speech, so it is a highly intellectual house.

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and its ruler is Venus. The Moon gets exalted here. So Venus and the Moon are creative planets. The 5th sign of the Zodiac is Leo and its ruler is the Sun and is a highly powerful creative and intellectual house. Singly Mercury is not so powerful but jointly with the Sun it absorbs all the good qualities of the Sun and this conjunction is called `Budhaditya Yoga’ which is a very powerful intellectual Yoga. Venus adds beauty and colour to this highly intellectual conjunction. So the conjunction of the creative planets in 2nd or 5th and in a airy sign like Gemini or Aquarius makes one a creative man of genius like Victor Hugo, Alexander Duma, Lord Byron, Goethe, Rupert Brooke, John Keats, Perl S. Buck, Fydor Dostoyvesky, Maxim Gorky etc.

The second house also represents money, self-acquisitions and liquid funds. It provides the resources to earn money; it reveals the methods to be applied to earn money. Planets posited in the second house indicate the nature of labour and hardships to be employed to earn money. Mars or Saturn if posited in the second house entail hard labour and hard struggle in early life to earn money. By its reflect action to the 8th house, it deprives one to own or inherit any ancestral properties. The native will be a self-made man and he will have to proceed alone. He will not have any outside help. Conjunction of Saturn and Mars or Mars and Rahu or Ketu and Saturn in the 2nd house gives hard labour and hard struggle in early life but it gives success and prosperity in later life.

Jupiter or Venus or the Moon in the second house gives very early money or quick money. By its reflex action to the 8th house, it gives enough of ancestral properties, liquid funds through inheritance. The native becomes a rich man just after birth.

Rahu is the Lord of the Asuras. His wants are unlimited. He does not remain satisfied with petty things of life. He conducts all sorts of underhand and secret business. He gives enough of secret money like bribes, black money, speculation profit, and profit from gambling.

The Sun in the second gives enough of ancestral properties through inheritance. But it demands hard labour and hard struggle in early life but it gives success in later life. The native gets a high Government post or he occupies a top position in life.

Let me illustrate this with some example horoscopes as under:-

1. Rabindra Nath Tagore – a great literary giant. Date of birth – 7.5.1881 at 3 a.m., Birth-Chart – Pisces – ascendant, the Moon; Aries – the Sun, Mercury and Venus (2nd); Gemini – Mars and Ketu; Cancer-Jupiter; Leo-Saturn; Sagittarius – Rahu.

2. Boris Pasternaik – a great Russian novelist. Date of birth 10.2.1890 at 2.30 a.m. Birth-chart; Sagittarius – ascendant, Ketu; Capricorn – the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter (2nd); Gemini – Rahu; Leo-Saturn; Libra-the Moon and Mars.

From the above, you have thus found that the second house is a very strong and powerful intellectual house. Conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Venus; Ketu, Mercury and the Sun; Ketu, Jupiter and Venus; Ketu, the Moon and Venus in the 2nd or 6th and in an airy sign makes one a great literary giant.

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