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Profession and Artha Trikonas Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

How they affect let us analyse. 7th house is Kalatra and a Maraka Sthana also. Good health and an understanding wife is the greatest asset of a man. That very seldom people get both is a different matter or destiny. In practice if 7th house is stronger than 2nd means, the individual becomes henpecked and gives more support to the wife’s side in all aspects, especially financial side. Many quarrels in the family between parents and son and his sisters are due to this. On the other hand if 2nd is stronger than 7th, the gentleman supports his own family members, contributes for his sister’s marriage, brother’s education etc. supporting his aged parents etc. Incidentally, this becomes a `heart burning’ problem for the father-in-law. Some fathers-in-law lament about their son-in-law’s family responsibilities.

Or 6th, the inimical sign is 11th or house of gain. If the 6th is stronger, no gains and no savings. Always one will be in debts and manage life somehow or other. 11th house is stronger than 6th means saving enough cash for any contingencies. 6th stronger means more medical bills. Here 6th house is 12th to Kalatra Sthana or 7th house. Some people are forced to spend more money for wife’s health problems, operation etc.

In practice, 6th house should not be stronger than 11th. If it is so, even loans are availed from Provident Fund for medical expenses. Gain is almost nil, so to say.

Let us analyse the 3rd house which is 6th (inimical) to 10th house. 3rd house stands for Parakarma, Success  over rivals, mental torture etc. It is one of the Sthanas. 3rd house stands for Upachayas intelligence and power to communicate (the expression part of it). If it is weak, the man is bypassed for promotion, seniority over-looked and he feels rejected also. Sometimes judicial remedy is sought in the form of writ etc. Sometimes, the seniority list is quashed or ordered to be re-drawn by the Court. All due to 3rd is being weak when compared to 10th house.

Now let us take Mrithyu Sthana (8th house) for 2, 6, 10. For 2nd-8th house in 9th or Bhagya. For 6th-8th is 1st or Lagna. For 10th, 8th house is 5th or Poorva Punya. From the above, it is implied how 1, 5, 9 play their part in professional side and prospects of an individual is crystal clear.

Lagna or 1st house must be stronger than 6th for good health. 9th house must be stronger than 2nd for getting real benefits from service such as increment, clean record of services, good annual assessment, confidential report etc. So far we have seen how 2, 6, 10 the houses are affected by the inimical and Mrithyu Sthanas (i.e. 7, 11, 3, 9, 1 and 5).

In other words Artha Trikona Signs (or 2, 6, 10) are linked up with Dharma Trikonas (9, 1 5) and Kama Trikonas 7, 11, 3).

It will be very interesting to note here at this stage that Moksha Trikonas (4, 8, 12) are linked up with 2, 6, 10 also; how?

For each house, 11th from it, is supposed to be Labha Sthana or house of gains.

For 2nd – Labha Sthana is 12th

For 6th – Labha Sthana is 4th

For 10th – Labha Sthana is 8th

12th is stronger than 2 means, more spending only. If the 4th house is stronger than 2 means, more spending only. If the 4th house is stronger than 6th, department test are passed in time, and seniority gain. If 4th is weaker than 6th, hurdles to pass the departmental test or passing late thereby the individual slides down in the seniority list.

8th is stronger than 10th means, the man does not live to see his higher elevation of status. The proverb there is many a slip between a cup and a lip aptly fits here. Sometimes, his children have to clear the loan taken for house building etc. as the 8th house of legacy. Many men discharge the father’s liabilities and loan etc. That is their fate.

To sum up, in determining the profession, I request my colleagues to study all the 12th houses and compare them with respect to 2, 6, 10 and draw a final picture.

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