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The Role of Third House in Producing Criminals

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The third house rules over the mind, mental balance, concentration, mental inclination to study, mental ability to work and mental capacity to perform any work properly. So it is a highly important house in one’s life as it delineates one’s career. If this house remains vacant, he native can  study peacefully and can concentrate his mind properly. In any work concentration of mind is of prime importance in all spheres of life. Without concentration, you can’t do anything properly.

Lord Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita has said, `The minds is restless, turbulent and unruly just like a stormy mind.’ It is very difficult to control or tame the mind properly. The control which one can exercise over mind can be judged from the third house. It had been found that the third house of world great men of genius remained vacant. Take for example the horoscope of Rabindra Nath Tagore, Smt. Indira Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Victor Hugo, Madam Marie Curie, Johan Milton, Sir Winston Churchill, Jyoto Basu, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishna etc.

If the third house remains vacant one can concentrate and achieve one’s objective. But if it is afflicted by two or three malefic, the native turns into a juvenile delinquent. He becomes restless, aggressive, hostile, brutal, rebellious, unable to control temper, harsh and cruel. In the end, he turns into a violent criminal.

The Moon controls the mind and mental balance. If the Moon is afflicted by Ketu in the 3rd house and in a violent sign, then the native will turn into a violent criminal. If the 6th or 8th lord is placed in the 3rd house, it produces the similar results and one becomes a violent criminal. If Venus or Mars becomes combust in the 3rd house and in a violent sign, then also the native becomes a sexual pervert. He then becomes too much addicted to wine and women. He may turn into a sexual-criminal. If the 3rd house falls in Mars’ sign or Saturn’s signs and is afflicted by two malefic, then also the native turns into a violent criminal. Let me illustrate this view with following horoscopes where people turned into violent criminals:-

1. Date of birth: 2-2-1958 at 3 a.m. birth chart:- Aquarius-ascendant; Aries-Ketu (3rd); Gemini-the Moon; Libra-Jupiter and Rahu; Scorpio-Saturn; Sagittarius-Mars and Mercury; Capricorn-the Sun and Venus.
Ketu was found in the 3rd house & in (Mars’s sign). The Moon was afflicted by Mars and Rahu, in the 5th house. The 9th house was also afflicted by Rahu. All these evil planetary positions made him a juvenile delinquent.
2. Birth Chart:- Virgo-ascendant; Scorpio-the Moon (3rd); Capricorn-Mercury; Aquarius-the Sun and Venus; Taurus-Mars and Saturn; Cancer-Rahu; Leo-Jupiter.

 The Moon was afflicted in the 3rd house and in a Mars’ sign-Scorpio by Mars and Saturn Conjunction of Mars and Saturn was found in the 9th house and in a violent sign-Taurus. These two evil planetary positions made him a violent criminal.

3. Date of birth: 19-9-1906 at 10.25 p.m. Birth-chart:- Sagittarius ascendant; Capricorn-the Moon; Aquarius-Saturn and Ketu (3rd) Pisces – Sun, Mercury and Venus, Aries-Mars; Taurus-Jupiter; Leo-Rahu.

He was hanged to death. Conjunction of Saturn and Ketu was found in the 3rd and Rahu in the 9th. Mars is afflicted by Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in the 5th house. All these evil planetary positions made him a violent criminal.

The most violent planetary affliction is the conjunction of the Moon and Ketu in the 3rd and in Mars’ or Saturn’s signs. This affliction was found in a number of criminal’s horoscopes.

Saturn and Ketu are regarded as violent malefic. If the 6th or 8th lords are posited in the 3rd and in a violent sign, it causes death by hanging. Conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the 3rd and in Leo causes death by hanging or decapitation as in the cases of Saheed Khudiram Bose, Saheed Bhagat Singh and Hamanta Kumar Basu.

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