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The Fifth and Tenth Houses Spell Success Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

It is said that Mars or the Sun in the 10th helps one to rise to the top very quickly. It is the surest sign of success, honour, distinction, authority, power, prosperity, high patronage and public support. Any aspect of Mars to the Sun in the 10th house is also considered highly auspicious for rising very high in life. But the conjunction of Rahu and Mars or Rahu and the Sun in the 10th is the most mighty conjunction for rising very high in life. The Sun will give love of power with ability to rule and command and will fit the native in high executive post. The Sun gives success and honour in the middle portion of life; right means of livelihood and the ability to become independent, prosperous and successful in whatever business, profession or occupation the native may follow.

The militant Mars in the 10th house with good aspects confers the native with high energy and enterprise, force, masterful spirit, enough courage, high ambition, and good executive ability. Mars in the 10th gives high ambition, strong determination, moral strength, intellectual vigour, bombastic, vindictive power, secrecy and shrewdness. The native will be able to rise very high in life or he will become a top business magnet (if in a moveable sign). Mars being a planet of inexhaustible energy and enterprise will if well aspected help the native to rise at the top very quickly. Mars will provide power and ability to rule and command and will give employment in which muscular energy is necessary, hazardous and skilful operations in which there is always an element of risk and danger.

Rahu is the lord of the Asuras. His wants are insatiable. He does not remain satisfied with petty things of life. He follows his own path. His desires are also unlimited. So if Rahu and the Sun are placed in the 10th, it is a sure sign of early prosperity and success in life. This conjunction in the 10th promises the native to become a political leader or a top business executive or a high Govt. official.

Jupiter is a priest. His wants are petty. He remains satisfied wit small things. So if Jupiter is placed in the 10th, the native will be a moderate man. He will earn his livelihood through right path and honest way. He can’t do any underhand or secret business. So Jupiter gives success as merchants, physicians, lawyers, ministers and bankers.

Venus is a planet of luxury. Venus if placed in the 10th, makes one amorous and he may succeed in artistic or musical pursuits. Venus in the 10th will give refined and artistic occupations and all businesses directly connected with females, adornment, finery, jewellery, dramas, films, pleasure and luxury.

Saturn in the 10th will certainly take the native to the top. This position gives some power, pride, ambition, name and fame. But all these will be short-lived. He will experience both rise and fall. Saturn fits the native to grave responsibility and also to follow pursuits that require deep study and patient planning. Saturn in the 10th makes one architects, surveyors, contractors, miners, builders, holders of high public positions, high Govt. positions etc. But the most remarkable point is that Saturn in the 10th along with the Moon makes one great religious leader. We find this combination in the horoscopes of many world renowned religious leaders like Swami Vivekananda, Gautam Budha, Swami Sivananda, Thakur Shri Shri Sitaramdas Onkarnathji etc.

The Moon in the 10th gives too much changes or fluctuations in business, profession or occupation. If well-aspected, it gives many advantageous and desirable changes. In cardinal signs, it denotes great ambitions and a very active life. In fixed signs, it gives more stability and perseverance. In mutable signs, it gives less fortune but more ability without adequate opportunity. If conjoined with Jupiter, the native will be rich, wealthy and prosperous in life.

Mercury in the 10th indicates that the native will be a moderate man. He may frequently change his business, profession or occupation as Mercury is a fickle-minded planet. Mercury in the 10th gives all employments requiring study, skill and ingenuity. He may be a writer, novelist, dramatist, lecturer, clerk, or bank manager.

The lords of the first, fifth and tenth must be placed in angular or trine houses in order to get success in business, profession or occupation. If any of these three lords is placed in a Trik house (3/6/8/12), the native does not get the desired result. So the lords of the 1/5/10th must be placed in angular or trine houses in a natal chart in order to get high position in life. This is the most important point for consideration.

If we examine the horoscopes of world’s great men, we find the following:- Marshall Tito (Mars, exalted in the 10th); John F. Kennedy (Ketu and Saturn in the 10th); Deshabandhu C. R. Das (Mars in Leo and in the 10th and the Moon in the 5th); Smt. Indira Gandhi (the Sun and Mercury in a violent sign-Scorpio the 5th); etc.

So, if the Sun, Mars or Rahu jointly or singly placed in the 10th, the native will surely rise very high in life. These three planets are considered highly auspicious if they are found in the 10th house in a natal chart. Any aspect of the sun, Mars or Rahu in the 10th will also confer upon the native the power to rise very high in life. Now turn to your own horoscope and judge accordingly.

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